April 8th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Woohoo, it's Tuesday! That means there's Tuesday group tonight! More writing fun! Nick and Anne said they were coming, which is good. They haven't shown up in a couple weeks, and I've been getting after Nick because he missed the past 3 meetings, even when I was running it. It's just not the same without Nick. He may write really disturbing stuff sometimes, but he's still part of the writer family. Well, I won't have to bug him any more if he comes tonight.

I stopped by the campus center today since there was a table advertising tomorrow's day of silence. Chris was there, but somebody hadn't dropped off the cards and stickers we were supposed to have. I stood around and talked to him and Ben and Jess for a while until this girl showed up with the stuff, and I signed up and got a card. Since both my classes are cancelled tomorrow (lucky me!), being silent won't be too much of a problem. I'll only speak when I'm saying "thank you," telling the lunch ladies what I want, and at the Golem meeting, since we're deciding what goes in the next journal and it's really important. Jess told me that Sesame Street killed off Bert because they wanted to drop his character. Since he and Ernie are gay, apparently the official SS people decided that Bert should die of AIDS. That's not right! You DON'T kill a muppet! Plus, the whole thing implies that gay people have AIDS, and I don't really know any who do except this guy I met briefly at Pegasus (when I went with Alexia and Jason, he was this really nice guy who hit it off with Jason, and he said I have an awesome name and hugged us all before he left). But... you can't kill Bert! He might have been a dork with a unibrow, but he was a nice guy! Poor Ernie... Ernie was always one of my favorites (along with Grover, Oscar, Snuffy, and Slimey). I remember reading a story where Ernie and Bert got into a fight and Ernie ran away. He was trying to stay with various friends, but it just didn't work, and he was sad and lonely. Then he went home, and he and Bert apologized to each other, and everything was hunky dory again! *sigh* Those were the days. I can't believe they killed Bert. Muppets can't die! If you absolutely have to get rid of a character, make him move away and have a show dealing with saying goodbye. Sure SS occasionally deals with important topics. They could have another character on the show with AIDS (not a gay one... that's too stereotypical). And Bert seemed like such a prude, too. Oh well. When we were talking about it, I felt like I was going to cry and had to remind myself that, after all, they're muppets. Yes, I get all emotional over kiddie shows. Well, SS was a vital part of my childhood. It was sad enough when Mr. Rogers died, but Bert...

Anyway, back to the world of reality (eh... reality is boring...). I found out today that I have to get a new advisor this week or I can't register for classes this semester. I keep having this bad feeling that I'll have to ask Nesset since he teaches writing fiction (which is mostly what I write), and Jess told me (in a sarcastic voice) that he always has space available. I'd have a hard time looking him in the eye though, and I'd keep thinking, "this is the guy that's trying to seduce Jess and Sara." Well, I'll ask some of the people at Tuesday group what to do, and maybe I'll suck it up and ask him. I think I did talk to him briefly last year, when a couple of the writing professors showed up at Tuesday group and he was telling me about how he did something with Rocky Horror (that was the night I wrote that R-rated "Behind Closed Doors" RHPS fanfic...). Well, if I end up with him, I'll try to be pleasant and just wear big flumpy clothing (as usual) and leave my hair messy (he told one of my friends that she has "preraphaelite" hair, which creeped her out). I'm not worried that he'd try to put the moves on or anything, and if he did, I'd definitely report it - I quit putting up with sexual harassment (Spam doesn't count - we molest each other all the time for fun) years ago. I doubt he'd hit on a tiny, dumpy girl who doesn't really care what she looks like, but it annoys me that he's after some of my friends. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

I got my poem critiques back today, and some people thought I made up the word "humuhumunukunukuapua'a." No, that's a real word. In Hawaiian, anyway. It's a fish whose name means "fish with a pig-like nose." It's a nifty-looking fish with a cool name (featured in the song "Little Grass Shack"). Other than that, people got a bit confused by all the random stuff happening in the poem. Bakken thought the images and details were good, though.

Wow, what a long post...
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