May 11th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Phew. Back from Massachusetts. I'm tired of being around my sister. She doesn't know when to leave me alone. Anyway, the memorial service was ok, if boring, and my aunt's brother and friend were teasing me because I escaped to go potty during communion. Well... I had to go, and I don't take communion, so I tried to slip out nonchalantly. When my third cousin, Knight, was speaking during the service (he's a minister, and he talked a lot about religion when he shared his memories of my grandmother, his cousin), his speaking style reminded me of Bakken (my poetry teacher) and I had to try really hard not to laugh. There were tons of people at the service, family friends, relatives, DAR ladies, Norwich University people, etc. I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in 12-15 years, like the Flowers and the Walshes, and I saw others I've seen sporadically through the years like Mary (my mom's childhood best friend) and General Todd (he's some official Norwich University person) and his wife. A lot of people were there to comfort Pop Pop, which was nice. A lot of people came up to me and said stuff like, "Adrienne! I haven't seen you since you were this big! *holds hand about a foot from the floor [I usually responded, 'I haven't grown']* Now you're a big college girl! [big?] So... *asks a ton of redundant questions about college*" I think I'm going to kick the next person who asks me how I like college. And I wish people wouldn't say stuff like, "They're the best years of your life!" Hmmm. Somehow I think my senior year of high school was the best year of my life until a day or two after my 18th birthday (right before my appendix died). Freshman year almost completely sucked (second semester was better after I joined interesting groups and made some friends), and sophomore year was kind of bipolar. Junior year will hopefully be awesomer. Anyway, back to Massachusetts. After all that, we returned to Clarke's house, I changed into comfy clothes, and most of us went on a really long walk/hike on this trail through the woods. It was nice, but it was too long, and my feet and legs were sore since I'm in terrible shape. I was doing pretty well until my mom had to ask, "How are you doing, Ade?" Right after I said "fine," I slipped on a pile of leaves and nearly injured myself. My mom didn't ask how I was doing after that so she wouldn't jinx me. When we returned, Tyler was at the house. He's my aunt Cathie's nephew, and I hadn't seen him since Clarke and Cathie's wedding 16 years ago. He had just finished his first year of college at a nearby school (he's actually a few months older than me, but he took a year off between high school and college). Earlier, his dad was saying that we sat together at the wedding (He was 4, and I was almost 4) and it must have been our first date. I said it was my last date too, and he laughed and said it was probably Tyler's first and last date too. Well, Tyler seems like a nice guy, but he didn't seem to want to socialize with anyone most of the time and spent several hours sleeping on the couch in another room. I didn't blame him, he must have been pretty burned out since he had a busy day, and I was pretty burned out myself from being around people too much (especially Katie, who was constantly bugging me because she was too bored to do anything else). Ah well. Clarke also told Tyler's mom that he probably had a dress she could borrow since he had several from his friend Hedwig after her operation failed (you can guess what I've been exposing him to...). Of course, I found that hilarious. Last night we stayed at Jon and Kathleen's house, and today we stopped by the assisted living place where Pop Pop is staying now (it's a really nice place, I was impressed). We had lunch (it was really good, especially the cheesecake dessert), and then Clarke took us around Boston. We saw the famous swan boats in the park, the duckling statues (I have a picture of me sitting on one as a little kid, and we took some of my sister on them), and the statue of Mary Dyer. She was one of my ancestors and the only woman who was hung for being a Quaker. Damn Puritans and their religious intolerance... *shakes head* Anyway, we flew back today and got in tonight, and I'm glad to have my computer back. Yay!

I had yet another goofy dream last night. I was going to Alpha again, and everyone was supposed to meet in this parking lot somewhere. My dad was driving around looking for it, and I felt really worried. Apparently in the directions I had to stop at this Dunkin' Donuts place and ask for the key to the underworld or something. So I got out of the car and nervously asked these guys who were sitting at the table outside about the key to the underworld. They showed me where it was, and suddenly I was where I was supposed to be. I saw a couple random Alphans from last year and a bunch of people I didn't know (they all seemed so young, in the 10-14 range). Then I saw a college acquaintance (I don't know what she was doing there, I haven't seen or talked to her in several months), and one of my college friends walked by and I got really excited and grinned and waved to her. Then my acquaintance was talking to me but I could barely tell what she was saying since everyone else was making too much noise. I was looking for Megan, and I finally saw her walking towards the group and I got really excited and gave her a big hug. Afterwards, we were going to where we were supposedly staying, and I went down this hall and saw that I was supposedly rooming with this boy named Charlie (or some C-name, I don't remember, but he looked like he was 12). I got really annoyed since I wanted to room with Megan again, and I was not going to room with a boy who was probably 8 years younger than me. So I was trying to figure things out, and I woke up. The mattress wasn't that comfy (I wish I had stayed in the guest room with the nice bed, but my parents took that room and Katie and I slept on hard mattresses in the basement), and when I woke up my head was still sore. Last night Katie was throwing pillows at me when I was trying to zonk out, and she slammed this stuffed dog on my head. Well, the stuffed dog had a hard nose, and that really hurt when it connected with the top of my head. Jeez. Stupid brat.

Well, I'm tired, sore all over (from the really long walk/hike yesterday and lots of walking today), and... I was going to shut down Damnyou (the computer) and go to bed, but now Spammy is online and I want to talk to her. And I need to email CJ too. Tomorrow is another day. Blah.
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