May 23rd, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Ok... why does Kazaa always Collapse ) up my computer? Oh well. And WHY are cat ears no longer available in the Gaia store? I was saving up for those! Grrrrr! Maybe once I get some more gold, someone will be nice and sell some to me.

Today I decided that I need to devote more time to actually writing. And what am I doing? Well... writing... but I should be doing creative writing, not just lj posting. I think I do too much lj posting and not enough story writing. I had an interesting idea for a scene in a future story/novel today: Annie the Goddess of Bad Weather is wandering around in the rain (of course) in a city somewhere, since she's on a shopping trip (buying cheeseballs and toys and things). Some scary fundamentalist guy asks her, "Little girl, have you found Jesus?" She says something like, "You mean he got lost again? I haven't seen him since Loki's barbecue last Tuesday." Then the guy starts preaching like an annoying televangelist and tells her she's going to hell. She walks away, shaking her head, and says to herself, "As much as I like Jesus, I'm going to have to talk to him about some of his groupies." I don't know, I just thought that would be good in a story somewhere.

Speaking of writing, I was talking to Emily (from Alpha) online today and recently she's been feeling really down, so of course I'm concerned. She's on the waiting list for Alpha and really wants to go, but there's just a slim chance that enough people will cancel so she can attend. So that's a bummer, but there's still hope. She said she'll at least come to Confluence, so that's good.

Mox is still attacking everything, from fingers to camera straps to doors. My mom gave him some kit'n kaboodle (or whatever it's called), and he loves that. Katie and I took some pictures, including some of him in this big cooking pot.

Katie: Here, I'll put Moccasin back in the cupboard, and you take the picture. *proceeds to kneel on the floor and fiddle with the cat*
Ade: And now we zoom in on Katie's butt...
Katie: *laughs* Hey!
Ade: Ewww! And now we zoom out!
Katie: Don't take a picture of my butt!
Camera: Click!
Katie: *squeals* Ade!

Hahahaaaaa, I love digital cameras. And no, I wasn't being a pervert, I was just being silly. Anyway, that's enough from me. Toodeloo.
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I was semi-productive today! I did more job searching, and I went to Giant Eagle since we needed more food. I was driving my dad's car, and I actually parked it nicely instead of awkwardly angling it or parking it on the line. And I did other helpful stuff too, so there! I am the queen.

Tomorrow, there are these two parties my family is supposed to go to, but I'm trying to avoid one of them. I'm fine with the party at my neighbor's house, since I know a bunch of the neighborhood kids and we have fun being silly together. But I don't want to go to my dad's former boss's son's graduation party, even though he came to mine. I wouldn't know most of the people there anyway, except a few family friends. I'd end up sitting in the corner with a handful of hors d'oevres the whole time, trying to avoid the people I don't know or barely know who sporadically approach me and ask the redundant, irritating-after-the-57th-time question, "So, how's college?" I should start answering, "It's delicious, especially with the Merlot" and then walk away. But then my parents would get on my case about being "pleasant and friendly." Or maybe I should get a t-shirt that says "College is fine" so I can point to it when people ask, and I won't have to answer the same question 2785017893 times. Jeesh, can't people ask about something different for a change? And quit calling me "big college girl," for crying out loud. For one thing, I'm not big. I'm not even medium. I'm smaller than small. Also, I don't appreciate being labeled by my age group/education level. If you must talk to me, ask me about something different. Ask about my new kitten or Hedwig or any stories I'm working on, and if you want to know how college is, ask my mom. She's the one who likes talking about it. Oooooookay, I've strayed far from my original topic. So tomorrow I'll go to the neighbor's party but not the graduation one. And if any of my neighbors try to start a conversation by asking about college, I'll holler madly, clutch my head, fall over, and play dead. Then my parents will yell at me and I'll go sulk for a while.

My throat hurts from playing "zombie" with my neighbors earlier. My throat can only grumble "braaaaains!" so much. And they were dumping grass on me again! Oh well. When we were getting ready to have dinner tonight, my dad accidentally closed the door on Moccasin's tail or foot or something, and he let out this loud scream that shocked everyone in the kitchen and made my mom shriek. He wasn't hurt very badly, just bruised and scared, but the rest of us were pretty shaken up. Belle is kind of getting used to him, but she still regards him as a pain-in-the-arse. I don't really blame her - he gets into everything, attacks inanimate objects, and constantly mews if left alone, but he's still my baby. My little Moxie-baby. And Belle is still my sweet familiar. My dad says that Moccasin reminds him of Stitch (from "Lilo and Stitch"), and Stitch must have been modeled after a male kitten.

Well... time to... um... find something else to do.
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