May 29th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Today turned out pretty well. In the morning, my mom took me over to this job placement center (or something like that) in Delmont, and I filled out lots of paperwork and took these little computer tests for typing and data entry, since I'm mainly looking for clerical work. The lady said I did very well on the tests, so that's good. I'm not very fast at typing since I only use two fingers despite taking typing twice with Mr. Diffendal (f-f-space-j-j-space...), but my own stubborn typing works for me. I use kind of a modified hunt-and-peck - I use my right middle finger and left ring finger, and I alternate between looking at my hands and the screen - and I often find myself pressing the D and K keys repeatedly, thanks to Tourette Syndrome... somehow I managed to avoid doing that during the tests. But I need to go in again so they can test me in Microsoft applications, and then hopefully I can find work somewhere.

My mom had been waiting for me for about half an hour (I feel kinda bad - I hope she had a good book handy), and she had called my dad since she had to go to an appointment or something. So when I got back in the car, my dad pulled up and suggested that we go to the nearby Chinese restaurant and have "stek" (we call steak "stek" thanks to a spelling error on the buffet there). I was thinking the same thing, so we went in. We also decided to get some takeout for Mom, since she couldn't join us. They only have a little buffet there, but it's yummy and cheap. They didn't have stek, so we were a little disappointed, but they had other goodies. My favorites were the egg drop soup and cheese wontons. Yummmm!

I also got a real dragon egg today! Well... a bearded dragon lizard egg, but it's still a dragon egg! One of my next door neighbor's lizards was laying eggs, so a bunch of people were over there, watching. I didn't arrive in time to witness the actual "miracle of life" happening, but she lay about 9 eggs. Apparently that was her sixth batch, but my neighbors never hatched the eggs. The lizards usually squashed or ate the eggs, and they didn't want to bother with an incubator. But one of my neighbors is a teacher, so she brings the eggs to school. My other neighbor put the eggs in plastic baggies and gave them out to the kids, and I got one. I wish I could hatch it, but I'd need to incubate it, and then there would only be a tiny chance that it would hatch. And I can't keep a lizard. So I think I'll just stick with my big-jelly-bean-sized dragon egg.

Speaking of unusual pets, Moccasin is getting a lot bigger (sorry, I've been too lazy to post pictures, but I will eventually). He's a tiny terrorist (we call him "Osama bin Kitten"), and his playful nibbles are starting to hurt a little since he's growing fangs. Yes, Spammy, you can steal us whenever you want. But prepare for tiny scratches and bite marks that will grow bigger once Mox gets bigger. Yow.

Before dinner, Mox was sitting on Katie's lap, so I went over to pet him. I was leaning over and talking to Katie, and I suddenly drooled, just barely missing her. So of course she had to make fun of me for about 10 minutes, even though she's the one nicknamed "Spew" for a reason. It's pretty funny, but I wish I didn't drool so much. Damn overactive saliva glands... Sorry, I know I grossed everyone out. And now, more funny stuff!

*Scene: Dinner*
Dad: Bla bla chicken bla bla bla. The light meat comes from the breast, the chicken's flying muscles. But chickens don't fly.
Ade: Chickens don't have breasts either.
*a minute later*
Dad: [something about] a breast, leg, or thigh.
Ade: You sure know a lot about breasts and thighs, don't you?
*Dad gives me an amused scowl*

Yep, fun with chicken innuendo. Well, off to send a couple emails and then... something. Probably more computer games until 1:30 am.
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