June 7th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Weee! I now own "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" on DVD. My sis got it for me as a combination late birthday present and thank-you-for-helping-me-with-my-schoolwork-since-I'm-too-lazy-to-do-it-myself present. We watched it tonight, and it was hilarious as always. We also went to Border's and I bought "Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher" (Anne recommended it, and it sounds like a book I'd like). I briefly looked through the young adult fiction section (I didn't intend to buy anything since I just spent over $30 on books from amazon.com), and I was impressed. They carry lots of young-adult sci-fi and fantasy now (thanks for helping expand the market, JK!), which is excellent since young adult fantasy is my favorite genre. Plus, if I'm going to be writing a lot of young adult fantasy and it's in demand, I just might be able to sell some books... once I get around to writing them.

I was flipping through some random papers in the kitchen today and found my sister's IEP (Individualized Education Program) report thingy. I looked through it and found out that she has a learning disability. So my suspicions were confirmed, but I still don't know what type of LD she has. She's very organized and motivated and does her schoolwork, but I don't think she understands things as easily as other people. And I just can't comprehend what that's like, since I was always the opposite. When I was a toddler, my parents realized that I was a lot smarter than other kids my age, and I was always doing extra activities my friends couldn't do and taking extra classes and so forth. I hated it. And I'm sure my sister hates any extra attention people give to her education too. We're so different, yet somehow we're related. I used to be the little genius (I think that going to Franklin really dumbed me down, since I lost all motivation for learning when we moved to Pennsylvania when I was 9), and my sister has learning problems. Man, my parents must have gone through a lot while trying to raise us. My sister and I are complete opposites, so my parents had to deal with that, and all the things they learned while raising me don't apply to Katie. I'm the quiet, intelligent, eccentric, dumpy nerd, and she's the loud, brainless, mundane, normal-sized social butterfly. And yes, I'm pretty sure we really have the same parents, even though I hit the recessive jackpot and don't look like any of my relatives even though some family members say I look like my dad. Well, we've given my parents a wild ride. They're probably really sick of us by now, but at least I'll be mostly out of the picture in two years (I promised myself that after I graduate from college, I'm moving all of my stuff out and I'll never mooch off my parents). Then they can focus on dealing with Katie. Ha.

Julia was over for a little while, and she might come to Vermont this summer after she goes to Sweden. She comes back around the same time I return from Alpha/Confluence, and we'll both need a few days to rest (she'll need to readjust to the 6-hour time difference, and I'll need to make up for a week's worth of sleep deprivation). We were talking about flying to Vermont near the beginning of August, and if we do, that would be interesting. A 20-year-old munchkin who doesn't have a clue what she's doing and a 12-year-old tall Swedish girl who looks like a model flying together... indeed, that would be interesting. But I would get really nervous at the airport since my parents always do all the baggage checking and stuff, and I have trouble talking to people. Even though I'm fiercely independant, I still think of myself as a child, and my parents make all the arrangements and deal with other grownups. I'd have a hard time making it through an airport, especially while watching out for a younger person. Oh well, we'll see what happens. Gahhh, why do I have to be so immature sometimes?

Yesterday I thought about making a webcomic, so I started sketching some characters. I might make one that's a combination of real and imaginary stories of my life, and of course I'll throw in some random characters and bits of hilarity for the heck of it. I think I'll do it in sharpie and crayon or colored pencils or just random art supplies and update it whenever feel like it. I used to draw weird comics all the time (ahhh, back in the days of SuperAde and The Hilton Head Adventures...), so I think it's time I started again. Maybe in a couple days you'll see the very first episode, along with sketches of some characters. Let's see how long I stick to this idea. Three days? A week?

And I just want to say that firelove is beautiful, and he's a better woman than I am. *grins*
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