June 17th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Wow, I haven't updated in several days. I've been really busy, therefore I have lots to post about. Here's what I've been forgetting to post over the past few days.

I went to the Parsec meeting, and Diane gave me my Alpha packet and stuff. I met Gen and Alex and some other people, and after the meeting, a bunch of us got some food and walked around the science center until it closed. There was this nifty machine there where you could record your voice and then hit a bunch of drum-like things to hear your voice in different pitches. So Alex went up to the thing and yelled "TROGDOR!!!!!!!" and after that I yelled "and the dragon comes in the NIIIIIIGHT!" A bunch of little kids kept hitting the drum things, so it kept repeating "NIIIIIIIIGHT!" at different pitches, and I nearly had a seizure from laughing so hard. Afterwards, we did some things in Squirrel Hill before going to Gen's house and having ice cream. 'Twas a lovely day, but I got scolded when I got home because I was gone longer than I planned and I didn't call my parents to let them know where I was. Bah. Next summer I'm going to get an apartment or live at the writers' house or something - I like my independance, and I have very few friends left in Murrysville anyway. I don't like having to call and tell my parents where I am, and I hate how my mom tries to regulate my sleep cycle and bug me until I go to bed. Blah.

I didn't do very much that was worth mentioning, but I got to photocopy a bunch of Very Important Records. I stopped by Shop and Save and saw that Spam was still alive but her computer was in the hospital. That explains a lot. I got some orange Gatorade and CHEESE BALLS!!!!!!! Yeah! Foods of the Goddess! Well... Annie the Goddess of Bad Weather anyway... and if you don't know who Annie is, apparently you aren't familiar with my writing. She's one of my major characters.

For some reason I can't remember what I did yesterday up until around 4 pm. I must have just sat around all day or something. My mom taught me how to knit (kinda... I suck at it, but I'll get better with practice). But after that, I talked to Laura for a while, then I went to see "Finding Nemo" with Spam and for the rest of the evening we kept chanting "MINE!" like the seagulls. Hehehe... MINE!

Tuesday (today!)
Make sure you're seated and have relieved yourself before you read this. I got a job! Yes, a real job. Kinda. It's just packing hard hats and stuff for MSA, but it's right in Murrysville. I went in today and the people were really nice. After that, I had to go have a drug test... only I couldn't really do it because my kidneys decided to go on strike even after drinking several cups of water. Oh well - maybe tomorrow.

Random quotes:

"Should I go in and handle Ade's nuts?"
- Mom (we were in the Giant Eagle parking lot and she was talking about food, but my sister and I couldn't contain our giggles)

"You're pretty strong for a little girl!"
- Ron (a guy who was training me, and I was lifting heavy boxes above my head - yes, I AM strong! Underneath this thick layer of fat lies pure iron! Arrrrrrrr! *flexes*)
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