June 22nd, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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The Book came this morning! I wandered outside in my pajamas, a sweatshirt, and sneakers to check the mail, and there was the package from amazon.com. I ran back to the house and immediately pounced on the book, reading about 4 chapters with barely a pause to go to the bathroom or talk to Laura on the phone. I'll probably read a lot more of it tonight before I go to bed (I plan to sleep in reeeeeeeeally late tomorrow so I'll be ok to work the 11 pm - 7 am shift). All I can say is that it's great so far (major excitement in the first chapter!). If you don't have "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" yet, GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! It's out now! You can read it and be amazed! And I'm not giving any spoilers except that I was delighted by the appearance of a batty old cat lady.

I spent the rest of the day with Sarah and Megan. When they arrived at my house, they quickly said hi to me and then demanded to see my kitten. I wasn't offended or anything, just amused, even though I hadn't seen Megan in about a month and expected a lengthier greeting than "hi Ade, where's your kitten?" Oh well. We went to some asian stores in the strip district and bought lots of random stuff. I got chopsticks (some for the writers' house and some for here), pocky, dried squid, dried seaweed, and some other stuff. In one store they had this packet with a cartoon wizard on it, but the entire package was in chinese so of course I couldn't read it. It felt like ramen, so I got it. Megan got a buttload of things, but the grand total was only around $15. She got this weird strawberry-flavored beverage with little black seed thingies inside, and I dubbed it "sea monkey juice." On the way back to my house, we were arguing about whether to go to Shop and Save or Giant Eagle, and the argument turned hilarious as Megan accused me of having a crush on a Shop and Save cashier named Jeffrey. So apparently I have an imaginary lover named Jeffrey who works at Shop and Save, but Sarah's Giant Eagle cream cheese was more important than him. We made really good crab rangoons, water rice, and ramen for dinner, then watched a bunch of "Sex in the City" episodes. It's a pretty funny show, but not something I could really get into - the characters are pretty stupid and shallow, though they have their good points. And the main character must have quite the lingerie collection - she was wearing a different bra in every scene, and there were a lot of half-naked bra-revealing scenes. After we watched that, we tried dancing to Madonna, but none of us can dance. Ah, what a day.

According to swedishfishnets, "agentfroot is a 10 year old in the body of a 20 year old. Or something." *grins*

My arms and hands are covered in scratches from Mox. He's adorable and I love him to pieces, but sometimes he plays rough and his teeth and claws are getting sharper. I just wish he wouldn't randomly attack my feet when I walk then attack my hands when I yelp in pain and reach down to remove his claws from my legs. And no, we're not getting him declawed. He'll eventually be an outdoor cat as well as an indoor cat once he gets neutered in July (poor guy...), and he'll need claws for hunting, climbing trees, and defending himself.

Well, time for more journal-reading, then Harry Potter reading. Night!
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