June 29th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Wow, what an evening. Sarah came over and we made crab rangoons again (mmm!). After dinner, my sister and I started talking in hillbilly accents. So she's Katie Mae, I'm Auntie Ade (as usual), and Sarah is Bobbi Sue, though she didn't seem very interested in joining the silliness. Then we watched "The Banger Sisters" and both "Revenge of the Nerds" movies. TBS was ok, but it seemed to lack something. I loved the ROTN movies, they were hilarious. Wormser (the wiz kid) and Lamar (the flaming gay black guy) are my favorite characters. We watched all the movies in a row, so we were occupied for a while. Ah, such hilarity.

I had a bunch of crazy dreams again, involving flying around an island-like place (a few Harry Potter characters also appeared), going to a weird restaurant with a light display thingy, eating all kinds of bread at a weird store with my sister and Julia, etc. I love flying/floating dreams, they rule.

Yesterday a Jehovah's witness stopped by our house... while I was asleep. Had I known, I would have been ready for action. Next time I'll be prepared. They always stop by when I'm not available! I'm not quite sure what I'll do next time someone shows up, but knowing me, I'd probably ask them all sorts of obscure questions and tell them to quote random scripture like Judges 19 or something (ahhh, Judges 19... such an interesting passage... and then there's the murder of Jezebel in 2 Kings...). Of course, I'd be wearing one of my amusing, controversial shirts (if my mom warns me in advance next time, I'll be sure to quickly pull on my "Sorry I missed church, I was busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian" shirt before greeting them politely...). I wouldn't be rude or scary to them, I'd just be my usual, weird self and see how long they could stand my questions. And I'd be sure to ask, "If you're so motivated to tell me about your beliefs, are you prepared to hear about mine?" I have nothing against the religion itself (mostly because I barely know anything about it), but I have issues with proselytizing. And I like messing with people's heads too.

If I wake up in time tomorrow (like that will happen...), I might go along when my parents take Katie to camp. It's always fun to see how the place has changed (they stopped doing riflery! That's not right! Riflery was one of my favorite activities and one of the only things I was really good at! Stupid 9/11...). I may even see some old camp friends that are now counselors and other staff members. Eh, no more reminiscing for me, or I'll start to feel sad. Camp was fun, but if I sit around wishing I was still young enough to go, I won't have any fun. Plus, there's Alpha to look forward to, and that's much better than camp. Speaking of Alpha, I need to start reading/critiquing, and I should write something for the B&N reading. Hey, if any of you local/semi-local Pennsylvanians want to attend an awesome public reading with such distinguished authors as Tamora Pierce and some other people whose names escape me at the moment, plus a group of nifty young writers including me, you should come. I know the reading is at the Barnes and Noble in Greensburg, but I forget the day(s?) and time(s?). More details on that later. If any of you non-Alphans show up, I'll hug you. Seriously. Unless you don't want me to. Or if you don't want to go to that, come to Confluence! Or come anyway! Ah wait, I found some info on the readings. Now you'll know when to come! Please?

I think I'll head to bed now. Night!
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I had a bunch of crazy dreams last night. I'll post the ones I remember.

Harry Potter was living in the chamber of secrets since there was something keeping him from the rest of Hogwarts (perhaps because of a certain character in the 5th book). I was seeing things from his perspective, and he/I had this weird little mouse-like creature with him. I think it could talk, and it had something to do with Voldemort. Apparently every time something happened to it, it would evolve. It was over by a raised fence or something, and when it came back, it was covered in hot pink feathers. Then Voldemort was chasing me/Harry around a park, and the weird creature got in front of Voldemort. When Voldemort stepped on it, it evolved into a bear-like creature that was about 4 feet tall. I think it was going through a pipe or something, and then that dream faded.

After that, I was in a factory (work getting to me?), taking berries off a conveyor belt and trying not to let them get squished under the belt. I was also putting buckles on girls' overalls and hunting through a box for buckles with matching colors. I also had to sort apples or something, but then I left the area to find something and ended up by this dark office, snooping through a tray of pictures. My mom showed up, and apparently everyone thought I had left, so they had turned off the conveyor belt or something. My mom and sis came to get me, and we were driving through Meadville. Katie was telling me that she was having a really Christian conversation with our neighbor, and he was saying they should store stuff at the college. I was carrying a bunch of crayons and wanted to set them down, but we ended up on the roof of a tall factory building. There were a bunch of buildings like it in a row, and we started hopping from roof to roof. I got to one of the buildings and looked back at my sister, worrying that she wouldn't make the jump since there was a thin, cracked, yellow board-thingy in between the buildings. She jumped onto the board but fell off the side. I watched her fall a long way to the ground, and she landed hard on her back. She was still for a moment, then sat up and scooched back so she was sitting in a puddle. A light came from above, and she floated up and disappeared from the sky. Not at all shocked or grieved by her "death," I told this guy/animal/thing next to me that soon she would fall back since she'd be rejected from heaven or something. As soon as I said that, the light reappeared and she descended again, this time standing up like nothing had ever happened. She told me that she couldn't die because she had donated blood (that couldn't be right, she's only 13 and too skinny, but it was a dream). My mom told me that they were leaving and I should bring out our stove from the building when I was ready to go. I didn't know how I'd do that since there was no real way off the roof, but I agreed. There was a big screen nearby with a cartoon version of Mad-eye Moody on it, and he was winking and making all these funny eye movements. I was thinking of a way to get down, and apparently Moody had ideas about pulverizing himself and flushing himself down a toilet to get out, but I avoided that. That's all I remember.

I also dreamed of being in a science class (I think my 7th grade science teacher was there) with some weird kiln device and eating a sandwich. I was playing some game involving getting a boat into a port and defeating weird monsters. Then I was looking at backyards, and it was supposedly snowing in the summer. Those were just little bits that I remember... man, I have a weird nocturnal imagination.

Ah, dreams are interesting things. My parents took my sis to camp today. I wanted to go too, but Katie woke me up about 15 minutes before they were going to leave, so I had no time to get ready. Oh well. Ehhh, I don't want to go to work in an hour... and my dad and I were arguing about Alpha vs. job priorities. I refuse to sacrifice any bit of Alpha for the job, but my dad is making a huge deal out of it, saying that if MSA really needs me when I'm at Alpha, I can miss some of the Alpha events for the job. I haven't told my supervisor about Alpha yet (I plan to give two weeks notice, so I'll tell him this week), but I doubt that I'm indispensable to the company, and they can probably spare me for 10 or 11 days. It's not that big of a deal, but my dad seems to think it is. Alpha is far more important to me than a summer job. I'm an English major, not a professional hard hat packer, and even if I do end up quitting, I'll still be able to put the job on my resume, and it won't kill me. My dad seems to think that I'm going to have a career when I graduate college, but I doubt that will be the case. Right now I'm thinking about going to South Carolina near some of my favorite family members after graduation. They live in a rapidly-developing suburb, and there's lots of housing and jobs available. I can get a regular, boring job there that's not too physically or mentally draining, and that will provide me with just enough income to get by. Meanwhile, I'll be working on my writing and trying to get published. I'll stick with the boring job until my writing really takes off and I make enough money from it to live. At least I think that's what I do. Life tends to foil your plans, so I may end up doing something totally different. Ah well. I'm not going to let anyone tell me how to plan my future (I'll welcome recommendations, but I'll only take advice that seems like a really good idea). My life. Mine. *seagull voice* Mine! Mine! Mine!

And now I must be off.
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