July 7th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Yesterday my parents and I went to visit Katie at camp. She's skinnier and browner (my dad and I both harassed her about her eating habits - she claims the camp food is terrible, and she's absolutely right, but she still needs to eat more). We saw a few people we know from church (her counselor goes/went to my parents' church), and I revisited some old camp memories... fun times. I wish I was still young enough to go to camp. But Alpha is in 10 days! Yeah, next year I'll be too old for Alpha, but this year I'll enjoy it. And I'll never be too old for Confluence! Yay!!!!!

By the way, there's nothing like cheese fries. When your parents feed you extremely healthy food at home, it's great to break loose and enjoy a hot dog, cheese fries, and a root beer float. If you're ever in Conneaut, Ohio, stop by the White Turkey drive-in place.

While we were waiting for the camp chapel service to end (they were going through communion, which takes forever since there are hundreds of people crammed into a tiny chapel and they sing lots and lots of slow songs), my dad and I were joking around. He was saying that Episcopalians do a lot of singing (Calvary camp is an Episcopal camp - I don't know how I put up with chapel every other night, but I had some fun summers there anyway), and they also have great knees from all the standing, sitting, and kneeling. Then he was saying that Catholics get a good full-body workout from the genuflecting, and I said that they always had ambulances waiting outside in case someone's trick ankle gave out or something. So Episcopalians have amazing lung capacity and strong knees, and Catholics are buff. Yay!

Ooh, my mom just told me that my Grandma is having minor surgery for a cracked vertebrae (it's supposed to relieve about 1/3 of her pain, which is good), my aunt Ava's father just died of cancer (awww... I only met him once or twice, but he was nice), and we might go to Hawaii and Washington next year. My parents were thinking of going to Hawaii for their 25th anniversary next summer and thought they'd bring Katie and me. They took me when I was 5, but Katie has never been. They also talked about going to Washington on the way back to visit my dad's brother's family. That will be cool, we haven't seen them since April's wedding 4 years ago, and I'd like to meet April's kids, Ashley and Cameron. But I'd probably overheat in Hawaii, since I always wear pants and a t-shirt and won't leave my room or the bathroom wearing anything less. Maybe I'll get a muumuu or something. Hehe... muumuu is a funny word.
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