July 12th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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More dreams! In the first one I remember, I was in a big church or something, and apparently the Pope was coming. Well, the "Pope" walked in, and it was actually my friend Steph. I found this hilarious, and as she left the building with some girls, I followed her. I was asking her all these questions like if the clergy knew what kinds of stories she wrote. She and the other girls had cigarettes and started smoking them (that was odd since Steph doesn't smoke), and someone gave me one. I think I lit it but didn't smoke it, and I was looking for somewhere to put it. We were walking around this big office building, and I think I was looking for something to eat.
In the next dream, I was in what was apparently my parents' room, only it looked a lot different. There was a big table in the middle, and I sat down to eat with a bunch of people, including Heatherface (don't you feel special?) and Avril Lavigne. I wonder why Avril was there since my sister wasn't there and she's the Avril fan. We were all talking and having a good time, and this radio was playing in the background. Then "Sk8er Boi" came on and we all started giggling and Avril kind of sang along with her own song. Everyone left, and my parents told me to clean up the food and stuff. The rest of the dream was pretty boring, but those were the amusing parts.

I've been in my pajamas since noon-ish. I don't plan on showering or getting dressed any time soon, so I'll probably just go back to bed in the morning and not change until the evening. I love weekends. But I need to read the book for Alpha, critique the stories (I managed to start one yesterday... go me!), write something for the B&N readings, send it to Diane for approval, etc. And what do I do all night? Play the Sims. Silly Ade...

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