August 1st, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Today I went to Laura's house, and I rode in her truck while she was driving. That was a cross between amusing and frightening, and I suddenly have confidence in my own driving ability (or lack thereof). She modeled some lanas and a scary spandex thing, and two of her cats decided they love me because I kept petting them, and now I'm covered in orange cat hair as well as black and black/gray/tan cat hair. Awww, and Moccasin is resting his head on the keyboard... so cute. I'll make such a wonderful little old cat lady when I'm an old spinster. Right now I'm just a young spinster. I forgot today was Lughnasadh until Laura told me it was August 1st. I'm a silly forgetful pagan. A year ago, Spam and I were over at her house, cavorting on her front lawn in costume and I also forgot it was Lughnasadh until someone mentioned it was the first of August. Dude, I better start marking holidays on my calendar.

I'll get the rest of the Alpha pictures online in the next week, I promise. And I'll eventually put them and the videos on a web site for the public to gape at. Kyahahahaaaaaa...

My mom called while I was at Laura's, and I'll probably be able to fly to Vermont next Monday. Weeeee! It will be different without Nana there, but I know her spirit is there, joining the other ghosts. If she never married, she'd definitely be a cat lady. She was always obsessed with cats, and even when she didn't have cats, she loved our cats. She would have loved Moccasin too, if she had lived long enough to meet him. Oh well...

Anyway, I'll probably stay for a week and then return with Mom and Katie. Then on the 26th, I go back to Allegheny. It will be fun living in the writers' house, but I'll really miss Belle and Moccasin. And my Murrysville friends. And my Alpha friends, of course.

*yawns* Well... off to do more IMing and pet the kitty and such. G'night.
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