August 8th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I forgot to take my medication last night, but that's ok. I'm not going to die or anything, hopefully.

More crazy dreams last night! The one I remember began in some type of building, perhaps a school. I remember waiting in the bathroom and talking to a few girls I used to sit at lunch with in 11th grade. I walked into another room and saw this bitchy lady telling Welsh Tom that he shouldn't be an English major because then he'd have to take a class in Ancient Egyptian and learn all the hieroglyphs and stuff. I found that odd and wondered if Allegheny had a class in that. I wandered into the next room, which turned out to be my living room, and saw a female friend there (probably Laura, but I'm not sure). I told her that it would be really neat to take an Ancient Egyptian class, because then you could be an archaeologist and decipher things in tombs.

In the next dream, I was apparently going through a weird water system, and I came out on the bank of a river or something. It was apparently the 1930s, and this guy tried to surface but this weird spiky thing got stuck in wood or something. I guess I started seeing things from his perspective, and he/I got out of the river and went to a shack. Somebody gave him/me an old gun that was pretty neat-looking, and he/I put it in his/my pocket. Then he/I lay down and accidentally shot some guy that stood in the yard area. Then he/I shot him/myself in the foot, and I knew that apparently if he/I shot the gun 3 times, there would be some weird time warp. So that scene faded out and a new one faded in. Then the shack was apparently a shower, and he/I was getting ready to shower. Some guy gave him/me a towel, then said that he always pissed on the towels. Then he peed on my leg and I got kind of annoyed. I suddenly realized that this had something to do with the Hitchhiker's Guide, and I'd have to kill this creature in every scene/time warp (because Arthur Dent always killed this poor soul in every incarnation). A new scene appeared and some lady was standing in front of me. I saw a faint purple flying saucer overhead, and then it faded and the lady smiled at me. In the next scene, another flying saucer appeared and these little boxy spaceships appeared and started shooting at it. The saucer swelled like it was about to explode, but it kept getting bigger and changing shapes and colors. I noticed that these little medic ships were appearing and shooting purple crosses (why not red?) at the saucer to heal it. Then the attacker and medic ships started fighting and the saucer ship kept getting bigger and more magnificent, and I was totally in awe. Then a nurse or someone from the spaceship came and took me into the ship. I was with the Cheat and some other person, and we were up in the ship, in a fold of a quilt or something, staring down at the earth. It was a really awesome dream, and I think it would make a cool sci-fi story.

In the last dream that I remember, I entered a theatre, and they were performing Rocky Horror, so of course I was thrilled. Then I guess I was up on stage playing Janet during the floor show (why Janet? ...dammit...), and I was having a great time. Then supposedly Brad and Janet had something to do with The Origin of Love (oh dear, another Hedwig/Rocky thing...) and they were like Adam and Eve. Then the show was over and people started taking the stage apart. There were these cardboard things of Brad and Janet, and I was going to keep them. But that dream faded as I woke up.

Yesterday was the fabulous feast, and everything went fairly well, except I suck at making mashed potatoes. But the bean dip was really good. My uncle Jon recently had a heart attack, but he's ok and getting better. My dad is coming home tonight, so I'm making him bean and veggie burritos as a hi-I-haven't-seen-you-in-3-weeks-and-look-I-can-take-care-of-the-house-and-not-burn-it-down-please-reimburse-me-for-the-$100-or-so-I-spent-on-groceries thing.
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