September 2nd, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I should be reading/writing a thingy about this story for my writing fiction class, but I feel the need to post here.

Today I didn't have any classes, so I sat around and played games for a while, then I went with some of my housemates to this Amish farm and helped pick corn so we could take it to the Eco house because they distribute Amish veggies to people on campus who buy them or something. We got lost on the way to the farm, and we only stayed for half an hour or so, but at least we helped. I was so excited to see Amish people, because I've never really met any and they're interesting. I actually hid my pentacle too (I always wear it with pride except to job interviews, but I didn't want to disturb the Amish people because I know they're very religious and I respect that). Afterwards, we had a pre-Golem/Tuesday group meeting to determine meeting schedules, and I made food. I made crab rangoons, and they were really good... but I had an adventure while making them. I was trying to make fried rice too (I don't really know how to do that, so I was just winging it), and I thought I turned the burner for the rice on... but it was actually the burner where I set a plastic plate full of uncooked rangoons. The plate started smoking, I yanked it off the burner, the rangoons fell out of the hole in the bottom, and the fire alarm went off. Fun. I was trying not to panic while yelling to the people in the other room that things were ok. When the security guy came things went ok, but I was terribly humiliated and I know I'll be the laughing stock of the house for a week. Katie wants to hang the dead plate on her wall as an object d'art. I tried to make fried rice, but it was more like wet'n'gooey rice with a bit too much soy sauce. It was ok though, and everyone liked the crab rangoons. Oh well. Silly me. I want to bang my head against the wall.

It's also very hard to swallow vitamins that are the size of the last joint on my pinkie. I may have tiny hands, but those vitamins are huge and I have quite the gag reflex. It took me a few tries to swallow one this morning (of course, I was taking it with hot tea, and I didn't want to burn my mouth).

But I have the internet! I can send out the Argo minutes tomorrow without resorting to the computer lab! Yay! *collapses* Must do homework so I can sleep.
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