September 21st, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Oh, the excitement. I somehow managed to study for my psych exam and take it on Friday without the sinking feeling of failure (I figure I got a B on it... I hope I did). On Thursday night, Jamie and Katie gave a shout out to me on the radio (they were talking about Rocky Horror and how they want to have sex with me and stuff... hehehe) but I didn't hear it because I was busy studying for once. Blarg. And in episode 2 of "English Majors in Chemistry Class," Evil Thom and I kept botching the problems because I took bad notes and didn't understand the concept of the oxidation state until we finished the homework. The poor teacher had to come around and correct us half a dozen times. After that ordeal, it was time for poetry, so I wrote a random poem on the homework:
Oh oxidation state,
I like frogs,
But confusion I hate.

My parents and sister are here for family weekend, and my sister still wreaks havoc wherever she goes. She told me she has a boyfriend, and I freaked out. She's almost 14 so she's not too young... she's just my little sister, she's not allowed to have a boyfriend until I say she is. Heh. Anyway, we had dinner at this fancyish hotel my family is staying at, and they had a buffet. It was spectacular. One night I'm forcing down tasteless Brooks macaroni and cheese, the next I'm savoring London broil, crab legs (they were ok, just really salty), and smelted squid (calamari). It's like moving from a cardboard box to a palace. We went to the big band concert, and Katie and I did our random weird dances during "Chatanooga Choo-Choo" (my Nana used to sing that to me...) and "In the Mood." I can't dance, but I sure know how to make a fool out of myself in public, especially by smacking into random people on the dance floor. Huzzah!

Eesh, I'm tired, but I have the feeling I won't be going to bed for a while.
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I had dinner at the AGP house tonight, and it was lovely. I was excited to meet their kitten, Atticus (I think that's how it's spelled) since I'm a Cat Lady In Training (I was going to acronymize it until I realized what that would spell...). I just watched "Survivor" for the first time - I like the concept of a bunch of yuppies trying to survive on an island, but I don't like the competitiveness and how it brings out people's nasty sides. Sure, that's what gets the ratings, but I'd rather just watch them try to build a hut, go spear-fishing, and tell stories around the fire.

I'm glad the school year is going decently for me so far. Classes are ok, I'm not worried about failing any of them yet (even though I suck at chemistry). I love living in the writers' house, even though the physical plant refuses to fix any of the problems with our house (a flooded, moldy basement, a lack of lighting and outlets, nasty moldy drippy stuff on the bathroom ceiling, etc.) and doing laundry is a pain since I have to drag my laundry basket down the street to Baldwin to do it (luckily it has wheels). It's really great to live in a house with a bunch of other writers (someday the Alphans must get together and form a commune). I'm not being a hermit, I do my homework most of the time, and I'm getting along with my housemates. I hope I'm being a good housemate and people don't have problems with me. If they do, I hope they tell me so I can work on it. I try to be a genuinely nice, semi-friendly person despite my extreme shyness, and I hope people see me that way.

And Dungeons and Dragons: Eye of the Beholder for Game Boy Advance is an impressive, challenging game. Also addicting, as RPGs tend to be. Must... not... sacrifice... grades... for... games... this... time...

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