October 9th, 2003

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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Awww, this kitten is just a sweetie. Even though she's going to be Joe's cat, I've been spending a lot of time with her and we've really bonded. She'll nap on my lap while I'm on the computer or at a meeting downstairs, and she likes to attack my fingers and feet. She doesn't have a name yet (since Joe wants to meet her first), but I call her Baby. Jamie and I will get our kitten in about a week, after fall break. I'm so excited. I'll miss Baby when she goes off with Joe, but I'll be thrilled to have a new kitten!

I gave Nick his pants back in class today, but very few people stared. Darn. Nick said he slept in my clothes too, and I find that both amusing and kind of sweet. Fun stuff.

At lunch today, I was sitting with Ben and Nick and this guy who I'll just call "X." Now X is usually a pretty funny guy, even though most of what he says is really off the wall and questionable. But today he went overboard, and I should have made it clear that it offended me. He was pointing out a girl sitting outside and said she was cute, and I agreed, saying I think she's cute in a pixyish, I-want-to-hug-her way. Then he said she made him want to get out the chloroform and... yeah. I didn't find that amusing at all, so I smacked him and called him a bastard. A little while later, when I was getting up to leave, he said "I'll see you later," then said it in a slick, suggestive manner, mentioning chloroform again. At that point, I said "I'll keep that in mind" and said that if he tried the chloroform thing on me, I'd have a gun ready. He said he found that hot. Ummm... no. I know he wasn't serious and was just trying to be funny, but he really crossed the line with the implied rape jokes, and to me that's not a laughing matter.

I'll get pictures up once I feel motivated to resize them all so I can upload them. Really!
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I actually squealed when I saw this

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Methinks I'll go thrift store shopping after lab today. I don't know why, I just feel like it. And I think I'll also stop by the health food store to see what kinds of interesting teas they have.

I took a depression screening thingy yesterday, and apparently I am depressed, but it's on the lower end of the scale. Right now I'm going through a period where I'm relatively content, but I tend to vary between times like this and times when I just feel like nothing is going right or I'm going nowhere in my life. *shrugs* The lady who evaluated me encouraged me to take my medication every day (I've been slacking because I'm apparently too lazy to walk across the room, pour some water, and swallow a pill) and stop by the counseling center. Bah. I'll take the meds so people will get off my case (and it helps control random mood swings and stuff), but no counseling. I don't trust people who are paid to listen. And I don't think it will help either. I'm fine now anyway. But even when I'm not feeling ok, I doubt counseling would help. I've gotten over most of my old issues (being picked on constantly through elementary school, junior high, and part of high school until people started being nice to me for some reason, sexual assault, the death of my guardian kitty 6 years ago, etc.), but none of the psychologists, social workers, or counselors I went to in the past were very helpful (probably because I refused to open up). Plus, I think LJ is my therapy, and writing makes me feel better. So do cats and kittens, they really kill the loneliness.

I was going to go to lunch, wasn't I? Silly me, getting all rambly again. I'll also have to change my sheets since the kitten got some icky stuff on them...
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