October 20th, 2003

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I don't know why, but I've been humming "Paranoid Android" for about 20 minutes now. Time to put on some music. Ah, there we go, one of Megan's infamous mix CDs.

The weekend was insane, as usual. I got up insanely early on Saturday to finish and turn in something, then did Make a Difference Day. We got lost on the way to the place thanks to horrid directions, then we were expected to paint a big barn... with regular brushes, no rollers or anything. Grarr. At least there was free food afterwards. I wasted most of the rest of the day, and that evening, Ben and Nick came over and we finished off the pie and watched "Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind" (awesome film) and then some weird hentai (for the purpose of amusement and making fun of it). Then the people who lived in this house last year came over to take a look at the place, even though it was after midnight, and of course they saw what we were watching. I couldn't look them in the eye, and I couldn't stop laughing.

Yesterday was also crazygonuts. I had a story due and a psych exam today, so I spent most of the afternoon/evening writing the story. I had a couple pages already typed and some in my notebook, but I spent about 7 hours on the story last night. 16 pages, almost 5,000 words. I'm both proud of myself and horribly mentally drained. Writing one of the scenes brought up some relatively recent depressing issues, so a few of the pages were harder to write than others. Perhaps I'll post the draft here sometime soon (behind a cut so nobody kills me). I took the exam today and I barely studied, but I think I did semi-ok. I hope, anyway.

I should wear my awesome gothy dress tomorrow, just for the heck of it. I brought it up, so I should wear it sometime. It's purty. I should also stop ordering shirts in a size 2X. Large maybe, but not 2X. I have the figure of a dwarf, not a giant. Ok, so perhaps a tallish dwarf, but definitely not a regular human. Ah, wait, I'm a pygmy albino. Or a Neanderthal. Erm... I'll shut up now.
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Ah, here it is. 'Tis quite long (16 pages!) and it's just a draft that I slaved over yesterday. I kind of recycled certain characters from this play called "Burning Bridges" that Megan and I wrote in high school (it had no real plot, but it was funny, and it got an honorable mention in a contest and had a public reading). I also put a lot of myself and certain friends into the characters (Galena was originally based off a certain friend, but I incorporated a lot of myself into her). I don't really like the title, but that can be changed. The ending also needs work, it seems rushed and weak. And one of the scenes near the end really tore me up as I wrote it. But here's the draft.

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