November 5th, 2003

I actually squealed when I saw this

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Happy Guy Fawkes Day! Hehe, that holiday reminds me of Megan, since we had to do these holiday powerpoint presentations in high school, and she did hers on Guy Fawkes Day. *sigh* I miss Megan. I wish one of us had a car so we could visit.

Eh, I feel like my life has gone out of control. And it seems like some of my friends' lives are falling apart. I wish I could make things right again for both my friends and me, but I can't. And I'm still going to be stubborn and not take my medication or go to the counseling center or anything. *sticks tongue out* I'm fine. Really. Just insane.

I'm still kinda stuck on the novel, but I was able to write a little. I wrote a bit during Tuesday group (we did an exercise with palindromes) and a little a minute ago. Comments? Suggestions? Cabbages?
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