November 10th, 2003

I love my hand!

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Leen, I envy you... finishing a novel in 10 days when I've been doing hardcore procrastinating. Jessica, you are amazing and wonderful, and the Argonautica looks splendiferous. Weee!

Ah, but I must rant. Just a little. There's a new guy in Argo who has attended about 3 meetings and doesn't seem to understand how things work. At his first meeting, he tried to solicit signatures to start a wrestling club when he didn't even have a significant number of interested people to begin with. Today he brought a camcorder and wanted to tape the meeting and people's games for some "public service" thing. Many people were against both of those ideas and expressed it, and he couldn't understand why almost everybody refused to be taped. Then at dinner he asked me why everyone in Argo is so camera shy, as if we're the ones with problems. Instead of strangling him like I wanted to, I calmly and politely told him that most of us are absurdly shy and can't deal with the pressure of being videotaped. I walked away feeling annoyed. Apparently he doesn't understand what Argo is all about, and he doesn't realize that we nerds tend to be incredibly self-conscious, shy, and lack self-esteem. Ugh.

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I actually squealed when I saw this

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I realized why I'm procrastinating too much. You see, I hate editing my own work. When I write, I don't write drafts, I write final copies. I rarely edit my stories unless I feel the urge to. When people critique my stories, I take their comments into consideration the next time I write something (apparently Mary Soon Lee does this too). So instead of just spewing out a crappy draft in a month, I'm toiling over my novel, trying to make everything work out. I should just write a regular draft this time. So what if my story lacks a strong plot and main conflict? So what if my sentences sound strange? I can always go back and edit, though I hate doing it. The main goal is to produce at least 50,000 words, whether the novel is amazing or sucky. I'm not getting very far by trying to skip the drafting process. *sigh* Well, now let's see how chapter 2 goes.

And Leen, I'm sorry I've been acting all jealous lately. I'm really proud of you for finishing your novel in such a short time. I'm just mad at myself for slacking so much, and I take it out on you because you're productive and I wish I could be like that too. You are awesome and I'm just lazy. *hugs*
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