November 12th, 2003

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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Ah, life. Where would I be without you? I wouldn't be. Speaking of being, I saw a commercial where various people were saying "to be or not to be, that is the question." I found it oddly amusing that they were saying it without considering the meaning... Ah yes, nothing like quoting suicidal Shakespearean tragic heros. Especially when the lunchlady was saying it while handing out plates of food, that was really interesting. She said it in a way that made it seem like taking one plate would be life and the other would be death. Hee...

Tuesday group was great, because people actually showed up. I wrote a short about anorexic cheerleader cannibalism. I'll post it sometime. And yes, I dedicated it to the Alphans, because they're the ones who appreciate stuff like that. Afterwards, Ben and I watched Hedwig (Nick didn't stay even though we bugged him to, because he had stuff to do). Nick said he'd watch Hedwig if I watched Kill Bill. I saw the beginning of it, and it was so creepy I left, but Nick said it wasn't so creepy after that and there was much swordfighting. Ah, swordfighting. Well, I'll still make him watch Hedwig sometime.

Oh yes, and Nick and I went to a CRAVE meeting tonight (it's an uberchristian group here). We just kind of caught the ending, and it didn't offend me this time, which was nice. But the people are so friendly... so talkative... it was just... odd. I get insanely nervous when people I don't know randomly come up and initiate conversations. I want to scream, "Let me be a wallflower!" Ah well.

I registered for classes today. I still need one more class (junior sem), but I'm going to see the teacher about it tomorrow so she can sign the card thingy. So here are the classes I signed up for:
1 COMRT*145*00 Rhetoric As A Liberal Art
2 ENVSC*110*02 Intro to Environmental Science
3 PSYCH*170*00 Abnormal Behavior
And the junior seminar I want is the "Female Heroes and Anti-heroes" one. Ugh, I hate seminar classes because of all the required class participation. I'd rather sit in the back and absorb stuff. I can't talk in class... I freeze up and forget what I'm talking about. Ah well. Weird, I'm only going to take one English class next semester instead of the usual 2 or 3. Well at least I got most of the literature-based courses out of the way so I can concentrate on writing, not just analyzing stuff other people write.

I felt melancholy for so reason today, but I feel a bit more optimistic now. And I saw a box of Sugar Daddies at lunch and had to buy one just for the Hedwig reference. Hee!
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