November 17th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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The cats are gone. They'll be back after Thanksgiving break, but they're gone. Apparently one of the Res Life people found out and told one of my housemates that if we had cats, they had to be out by Thanksgiving break because he'd be checking in. They're having these "health and safety inspections" this week, so the cats are at Carolyn's house. I'm not too worried about the inspection - if the cats are gone, I have nothing else to hide that isn't already hidden. Well, there's that bottle of sherry in the kitchen, but that's for cooking and it's way in the back of one of the cabinets. We had our weekly house meeting tonight and discussed stuff. One of my housemates flipped out and started yelling at people, but he sent everyone an apology email. I wasn't really paying attention to that since the TV was on and I get distracted by magic pictures, but he really offended some people. But he apologized, so that's good. Alas... I still miss the cats. It'll be quieter without Dude's constant mewing, and I'll really miss the cuddling. Oh well.

And I just realized there's a benefit to all the confusion and craziness the last few weeks has brought. It'll help my writing, in a way. I now have a bit of experience in certain areas that I always have trouble writing about. So ha!

Hahahaaaaaaaaa, it's 1:37 am and I haven't done anything productive. So I'm going to do some last-minute homework/critiquing, send out the Argo minutes (weeee, I've been slacking horribly again!), scan the chem notes for Thom (I will eventually!), and THEN go to bed. *collapses*
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Alice the mannequin and me!

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quote of the day (sometimes my writing fiction class can be so amusing):
Ade: But I'm a cat lady!
Nesset: So am I!
Ade (plus half the class): You're a cat lady?
Nesset: Yeah!

Hehe. The guy may be a narrow-minded-when-it-comes-to-literature perverted asshole, but he does have a few redeeming qualities. *sigh* I miss the cats. Dude and Sam won't be back until after Thanksgiving break, and Belle and Moccasin are carrying on at home without me...

I slept through my first class (psych) today! Yeehaw! So I didn't get my exam back. Ah well. I probably failed again or got a C at the very most, so I can put off the horrible angst and depression for another 2 days. Oddly enough, the Argo meeting ran pretty smoothly with no major arguments or insanity. So today was ok. I think I'll go shopping tomorrow (I also need to get cash since I'm down to $6 and owe Nick some money from Saturday's dinner anyway) and then make egg rolls. Mmm, egg rolls. If it snows while I'm walking to town tomorrow, I'll hurt someone.
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