November 20th, 2003

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Freudian slip of the day:
"There's the video of me doing a cannibal in the lake... I mean a cannonball!"
- Ade (talking to Laura, of all people)

Hehe that still cracks me up. It's amusing on so many levels.

Oy, my sister called like 3 times today bugging me about internet-related stuff like downloading AIM. And then Laura called, and talking to her is always a side-splitting good time. She told some of the Gro(o)ve City people they can call her Foster if they want... hehehe... it's good she's letting her weirdness show in college. She had me kinda worried last year. Ah well.

I failed my psych exam again! And I did a lousy job on the chem exam too. Gaahhh... now I'm searching for things I can tell my parents when they harass me about my grades this semester. Of course, if I tell them the truth (I'm a horribly lazy slacker), they'll be *really* mad... maybe I could claim insanity. This has been a pretty bipolar semester. But then they'll find out I haven't been taking my medication, and all hell will break loose. *grumbles* I'm not a liar. But I fear what they'll do if they find out the truth. Jeesh, I'm 20 1/2 years old and I feel like an 8-year-old. Poo.

Oh yeah, and I've given up on finishing my novel in a month. That would be suicide.

Hey, this post started out happy and funny, and it needs to end that way too! Ok, here's a creepy joke (I got it from Megan, of course):
What's red and knocks at the window?
A baby in the microwave!

And another:
What do you get when you hold 2 green balls in your hand?
The undivided attention of a leprechaun!

Hehe... that's enough...
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