November 23rd, 2003

Moccasin eating spaghetti

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Oh man. When I came back from dinner, Jamie said my sis called with some important info, so I called her back. Moccasin had to go to the kitty hospital because of one of his hind legs. He had been limping, and apparently the claws were torn and pulled or something. He has to stay in a cage for 2 weeks now, and if he keeps dragging his leg, he'll have to get it amputated. Poor kitty. My dad built him a really big cage, and we'll have to take him and the cage to North Carolina when we go on Wednesday. Belle will stay home though, and one of my neighbors will take care of her. But poor Mox... he's still so young and loves being outside, so being stuck in a cage for 2 weeks will be torture to him. And we can't pick him up or anything, just pet him through the top of the cage. This really sucks. I wonder how he injured his leg in the first place. *sigh* Oh well, he should be better by winter break so we can cuddle and stuff. Kitty cuddles are so sweet.

And then I made the mistake of telling my sister I bought her a birthday present. She demanded to know what it was, how expensive it was, if she'd like it, if it was big, etc. I gave no hints, of course. Gee whiz. That child is more of a material girl than Madonna. But she's not such a child any more, she's turning 14 in 4 days. But she still looks and acts 10, so I'll probably still consider her a child until she starts maturing or at least developing. Sheesh.

Why am I tired? I've done nothing remotely exhilarating at all today. Hmmm.
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