January 3rd, 2004

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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I've been semi-productive today! I helped with the clean-out-the-basement-and-throw-stuff-away project, along with the cut-the-legs-shorter-on-Katie's-new-loft-bed-so-she-doesn't-bonk-her-head-on-the-ceiling-every-morning project. Yesterday, Sarah and I went to the strip district (for you non-burghers, it's not what it sounds like, it's this section of the city with tons of stores and restaurants). We went to a Korean restaurant, and I decided I like the non-spicy variety of Korean food. We went to some asian stores, and I got a bunch of goodies and cooking supplies. So apparently now I have all the cooking supplies and eating utensils for a dinner date with an asian guy, according to Sarah. Heh... well, I don't see that happening any time soon, but at least I can make wonton soup and have it with those nifty wide-handled spoons. Chinese food is fun.

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