January 18th, 2004

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Wow, this is the most bipolar weekend I've had in a while. On Friday after classes, I went to McKinley's for lunch... and ended up staying there until dinner. I spent most of the afternoon (over 6 hours) BSing with Ben and Nick (there were others too, but they left after lunch), and then we went to games night and played this old fantasy adventure game with Deltron. The game kind of sucked, but it was fun because Deltron got really mad at it and swore at it a lot. Then came anime night, then... back to McKinley's for food. Greatness.

Yesterday was very unproductive too. I went to McKinley's for dinner, ran into Jenn, Nick, and Evil Thom... and ended up staying for over 4 hours. Squiggly chair racing is great fun. Padded elevators are great fun. Squiggly chair racing + padded elevators = insanity. I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out. Ah, that was great. Then Nick and I went to his house, and his housemates were having a drunken underwear party. It was probably the most amusing party I've ever been to (I remained fully-clothed the whole time, thankyouverymuch), although seeing several friends/acquaintances in their undies is a very weird experience. Naked Garth = scary. Garth in women's underwear = hilarious. Nick in an old granny-ish dress dancing seductively = even more hilarious. Wow. I should really start bringing my camera with me wherever I go. I would have so much more blackmail material. Although I have plenty against Forrest now... *evil laugh*

Ok, those were the ups of this weekend. The downs will be discussed in a friends-only entry.
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