January 22nd, 2004

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In a way, I feel like I'm in high school again. See, up through high school, people tend to sit at the same lunch table with their friends, and they hold claim to the table for the duration of the year and get angry when others usurp the table. That's not the case in college, people just tend to float around. But this semester is different. I usually sit with certain friends during lunch at McKinley's, and we have a specific table we almost always sit at. Today, during both lunch AND dinner, other people were sitting there. I felt at a loss for places to sit, though there were several empty tables. A couple days ago I claimed it by writing "our table" on it in pencil (Prof. Schindler, who often sits with us, said he's going to tell on me for defacing school property, but he wants to put a big RESERVED sign on the table.). Yes, we're silly like that.

Last night was quite amusing. We had Golem, and after the critique, two of my housemates had a very interesting discussion (despite the presence of several other people).

(after talking about masturbation for several minutes)
Housemate 1: I was using this blue dildo I found in [another friend]'s room for a while, then it broke.
Housemate 2: That was my dildo!
1: Well it was in [friend]'s room. You can have it back, but it's broken. Sorry about that.
2: I had it for a long time, then I lost it.
1: I used it a lot... but I washed it thoroughly.
2: If I had STDs, you would so have them by now.
1: Well, I didn't put it in, I just used it for the vibrations. But then it broke. So I owe you a new dildo.
2: Ok. I liked that dildo, it was really blue. Like the color of Ben's shirt.
Ben: ...
(this continues for a while)

Then they left, and Nick walked in, saying he was there for the meeting (which had ended around 20 minutes earlier). He missed the whole conversation. It was just... amazing. Some of us were laughing most of the time, others looked amused yet uncomfortable. So Ben, Nick, this other guy, and I decided to watch "Legend." "Housemate 1" had said that the first time she got off, she was watching that movie (during the dancing dress scene), so of course I had to point out that particular scene. And I got all excited during the scenes with Lord Darkness, particularly when he said, "Does the gown not... please you?" (see icon) Then we debated watching either "Labyrinth" or "The Emperor's New Groove" and finally settled on the latter. Never a dull moment in the writers' house, that's for sure.

And I'm thrilled because the yarn and knitting needles I ordered came in the mail. Weeeee! I'm turning into a knitting knerd! Hee, I like saying that.
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