January 23rd, 2004

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Ah, Friday. Now I can slack off without feeling guilty! Turned in a short paper and had a quiz this morning, nothing too stressful. I started knitting a purple chenille hat yesterday, now I have 4 rows to go. I hope it turns out ok. I like the yarn, it's hard to work with, but it's soft and fuzzy and pretty.

Em, that forward you sent... I've been giggling to myself for several minutes. I bet the 2 or 3 other people in the lab are frightened. Wow.

I sat with some of my housemates at lunch, and was once again highly amused by the conversations they have.

Housemate X: I didn't want to say this at Golem, but I broke one of the couches having sex on it. I didn't want to say it because Ben was sitting there [so was I...].
Housemate Y: It's ok, I had sex on the other one, but I didn't break it.
Ade: *laughing hysterically* What about the big orange one?
Housemates X and Y: Oh yeah, a LOT of sex happened on that one, especially last year!
Housemate Z: Jeez, I made out on that couch, but I didn't have sex on it!
Housemate Y: Oh, and I had sex on the big table in the living room.
Housemate Z: (horrified) I eat breakfast at that table!
(after several minutes of discussing sex in the house and arguments about disinfecting the furniture)
Ade: I feel so... innocent. The most I've ever done in the house is make out. *blushes* I had my first kiss in the doorway of my room...

Hehehe... I'm never going to look at those couches (or the table) the same way again. Thom and Jenn, I can picture you sitting at your computers, eyes wide and mouths open, about to fall over. But the couches are relatively clean, I hope. They just have some interesting memories. Don't let that stop you from coming to Tuesday group or anything...

Dude is a kleptomaniac when it comes to food. Carolyn says he took and hid the plastic film from a jar of hummus, and before break he took and hid a bag of chex mix. When he was home with me, my mom said he took this big plastic bag filled with popcorn balls and dragged it behind a couch. I think he's the one who stole the porn. I'm still mad that the porn mystery is still unsolved. I don't know what a kitten would do with a lesbian porn DVD, but who knows?
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