January 24th, 2004

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Ahhh, another day completely wasted. The day was wasted, that is, not me. I got up around 2 and have done almost nothing but play Pokemon and Age of Mythology. I just have 3 Pokemon to go in my Blue game (Venusaur, Kabutops, and Jolteon), and knowing me, I'll end up with all 150 by tomorrow (then I can get Mew!). I've been playing the same game since I was 15 or 16. It's scary how fiercely loyal I am to games like that.

Last night was quite fun. Went to games night and anime night, then to McKinley's (I spend way too much time there). It seems like Ben and Nick and I have this odd tradition of staying there as long as we possibly can, and that's what we did last night. I didn't get to bed until after 3. But it was a good time. We came up with a new word: Blart. Blart is like art but not art. For some reason, we tend to stack random objects together a lot, and we arrange them so they look semi-artistic. Well, that's what Blart is. Kind of like installation with found objects, though it's not artistic. It's Blartistic! Hehehe. Also, Nick is amusingly ticklish. *evil laugh*

This week has gone by pretty fast. I need to do laundry and buy more shampoo, though since it's bitterly cold outside, I'll probably just try to hand-wash my "essentials" in the bath tub (I have enough shirts to last a while, and I can wear pants until I spill stuff on them, but I always need clean undies, socks, and winter pjs) and see if I have any extra bottles of shampoo around. If not, I can always mooch off my housemates (our bathtub is stocked with a plethora of products, though I only use shampoo and soap, and everything else belongs to the other 5 girls upstairs). But I'd rather use my own stuff.

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