January 25th, 2004

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Happy birthday, Em! *sacrifices the obligatory 17 cheerleaders, plus an extra for good luck, then scurries about in the kitchen, making the cheesy cheerleader casserole* May this year be awesome!

So it looks like Sara is moving out tonight. So I get the room to myself, and I can use the other internet jack, and hopefully it's the network and not my computer that's screwed up. But anyway, Sara was a good roommate. I don't think we ever fought. Of course, I'd do anything to avoid confrontation, so that's probably why. Now I'll probably throw out my back trying to move heavy furniture by myself. I'm silly.

Oh yes, and I hate Valentine's Day for many reasons. Especially the pinkness of it all. It makes me sick and bitter. Same with Easter, I hate that holiday too. Spring has sucky holidays. I like Halloween. Especially when my guy friends go in drag, because that's always amusing.

I decided to do a tarot reading today. I rarely do stuff like this, but I was bored and curious (and had watched several episodes of Escaflowne on Friday). Most of the results made little or no sense to me, but the 10th card (the final outcome) was the Lovers. Interesting. I also got the Devil card for my current environment and influences, which was weird. *shrugs* Tarot cards are interesting but tricksy. Megan is much better with them than I am.

Gyarr. I hate being in the lab. I'm always afraid people are watching my computer screen, even though they rarely do. It's not like I'm looking at porn or anything, I just like my privacy. Ah, to have my internet back... hopefully I will soon. I also need to send out the Argo minutes and email my aunts and uncles. Blarg. Tomorrow.
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