January 27th, 2004

Alice the mannequin and me!

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Our house is weird. It's freezing in my room and Jamie's room, yet it's like a sauna in Katie's room. Last night I vaccuumed and moved my super-heavy desk across the room (by myself, because I'm silly). Hips and butts really come in handy for moving heavy furniture. Makes me glad I'm female. I'm also unusually strong for someone my size and sedentary lifestyle, so that helped. But the internet still won't work, so I'll try using a different ethernet cable, and if THAT doesn't work, I'll bug Forrest to come make it work. My system is configured correctly, I don't know why I can't get the internet. Pooey.

Anyway, I need 4 more people to live in the house next year. Maybe we can get away with having 6 or so, but I don't want res life filling the slots with non-writers. There are a few people I can ask, and we need more females (since so far it's just Ben, Nick, Thom, and me). Jamie may or may not live there, she's just not comfortable living with guys she doesn't know because of the whole "maleness" thing. Not that I blame her, really... I mean, my future housemates are awesome and I trust them and stuff, but if I didn't really know them I'd be wary too. I still don't know Sean and Darrell that well, but they live downstairs and we don't have to share a bathroom. But I gave Jamie until the 5th to decide (applications are due the 9th), and that also gives me a few days to recruit more people. I just hope we get people who actually come to the meetings every so often and don't mind cats.

I'm wearing a pretty shirt today! It makes me want to prance. Weeeee! And tonight is Tuesday group, the highlight of my week... and apparently Ben is running it tonight, so it should be good. I'm going to try to break away from writing about cannibalism and/or sex, since they seem to be strong themes in my recent writing (I blame Alpha for the cannibalism aspect... and at the writers' house, we just talk about sex a lot...). Megan has also been writing a lot about cannibalism. Even before Alpha. See? You should read "David Gets Head," it's amusing in a morbid way.

And now, to trudge back home through the blizzard and move the beds. Yay.
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