February 4th, 2004

I love my hand!

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I wanna go! *pouts*

Ah, Tuesday group was hilarious as usual. Mostly because it was basically "Make Fun of Robertson" night (with that "luscious beard" of his, hehehe). Ah, I never get much sleep on Tuesday nights. Weeeee! But Golem is in... 35 minutes, so this won't be horribly long. I kept dozing off in ES class, even when my group was discussing our list thingy, but I quickly snapped awake when I realized I was drooling all over myself. *giggles* This is what happens when you get little sleep and then have to sit in a semicircle so half the class is watching you nod off every 5 seconds and then start drooling. I feel like I should be embarrassed, but I'm just really amused. Wow. I'm such a dork. *grins*

New icon coming soon, once I upload it...

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