February 9th, 2004

I love my hand!

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So. I woke up early to write a paper this morning, then hurried to finish it, print it, and rush to my 9:00 class. Which had been canceled since the teacher was sick. Blarg. Common sense says I should go home and edit my paper and make it better so I'll have something decent to turn in at 11, but... nah! Plus, if I get my internet fix now, I'll have most of the rest of the day to read 4 psych chapters and study for the exam tomorrow. Gyahhhhh!!!!! I am the princess of procrastination, baby!

Maybe later I'll draw that knitting kninja picture. Ooh, I know! That can be my character for Thom's game! I can be this eccentric old Victorian spinster cat lady, yet I'm secretly a knitting kninja who hides bodies beneath the flower beds. Care for some arsenic in your tea, darling? And of course I'll have a phenomenally beautiful young niece who comes to tea every Sunday, and every so often she'll bring one of her suitors, but if I don't like the looks of him, he'll mysteriously disappear (Oh no, dearie, that isn't blood, it's strawberry jam!). I can be like that little old lady bodyguard in "The Secret of Platform 13," Soft Parts Doreen or whatever her name was. And I'll wear faded flowery gowns and absurdly large, elaborate hats and dead animals draped around my neck. Oh yes. Working the crazy old lady thang.

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I actually squealed when I saw this

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This is me being counter-productive and not studying for my abnormal exam tomorrow!!!! *falls over, foaming at the mouth*

*ahem* Sorry. I need to stop this.
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