February 16th, 2004

I actually squealed when I saw this

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Yesterday my sister called and was going on and on about stuff as she usually does, and she told me she's taking confirmation classes. She really doesn't want to, but my mom wants her to, and I told her that I refused to be confirmed so she doesn't have to do it either (I have a feeling my mom will harass me about telling her that...). Anyway, our conversation soon turned hilarious, because Katie is incredibly funny. She was saying that she had to write down the qualities she got from her parents. She apparently wrote that she doesn't listen like Dad, and she has good arguing skills like Mom. They're both very true. She's all mouth and no ears. Well... her ears stick out a lot (I used to tease her about them), but she apparently doesn't use them. Then I wondered what we have in common as sisters since we don't look anything alike and have vastly different personalities. But we determined that we both like Chinese and Mexican food as long as it's not too spicy, and we decided that we have to go to Yum Wok together sometime. Heh. Mmm, Yum Wok... argh, why am I thinking about food? I just ate an hour ago!

Anyway, the ES exam was... kinda painful. It was 4 pages of short answer questions, and 50 minutes definitely wasn't enough. They worded a lot of the questions vaguely too. Jeez, why can't we just have multiple choice exams? I hope I at least got a C on that one...

Today I'm going to spend time writing. I don't do nearly enough writing nowadays (Damn you, college! Damn you, computer games!), and I want to write that story based on the "ghost sister" dream I had.

Speaking of dreams, I had a rather freaky one last night. I forgot most of it, but I remember the last episode of it. I was sitting in a room that was supposedly mine with Ben and either Carolyn or my mom (it seemed kind of vague - I think it was Carolyn at first, then my mom). Ben had this BB gun, and I had a hunting rifle. We were loading the guns, and then Ben pointed his at me. Now I wasn't too worried, since a BB gun won't cause any serious damage - if someone shoots you from 5 feet away it might sting, but it won't penetrate your clothing or flesh. But I told him, "If you shoot me with that, I'll shoot you with this." And I had a hunting rifle - they cause a considerable amount of damage. We sat there pointing guns at each other for a moment, and I was hoping he wouldn't shoot me because I really didn't want to have to shoot him (I started wondering where I could shoot him so it wouldn't cause too much damage). Then Carolyn said "Don't shoot her, just shoot me." So Ben shot her, but of course it didn't really do anything. I said "Damn, now I want to shoot something." I looked out the window (I was supposedly at home, though the window's location was odd) for something to shoot and saw this deer in the back yard. I thought about opening the window and shooting it, then I realized it was a very odd-looking deer. It had reddish-brown, black, and white shaggy fur, and a weird-looking head, and there were about 4 of them. Then I saw they had huge bird feet. One came over to the window and just stared in. I grabbed my camera, and it walked to the side of the window where I could barely see it. It was very weird, and I opened my eyes to see my mannequin staring at me... just a few seconds before my alarm went off. But that dream was kind of disturbing... with the whole gun-pointing thing. *shudders* I'd never shoot Ben, not even with a BB gun. A squirt gun or a Nerf gun maybe... those are ok.

Methinks I'll go home now. Ta ta, dearies.
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