February 18th, 2004

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I like the new bookstore. It's so... spacious. And classy. Yay, no more squeezing between tall people to try and reach a 635-pound book on the top shelf! But I don't really like what they're doing to the new coffeehouse. It just lacks the coziness the original coffeehouse and the one in Caflisch had. But it's still under construction, maybe they'll put in some beaten-up couches that are older than us.

So Nick didn't show up for Argo or Tuesday group yesterday, and Ben is going to drag him out of his room (maybe with Derek's help) and bring him to Golem tonight. I haven't seen Nick since Saturday, and I usually see him just about every day. He apparently hasn't been going to his classes, and he doesn't have lunch with his friends like he usually does. Ben and I worry about him. Just withdrawing like that isn't healthy.

Tuesday group was fun last night. Of course, you're bound to write something hilarious (or disturbing) when you draw "Kirk Nesset's bedroom" from a hat, among other things. Heh. Also, the dinnertime conversation was quite hilarious. There's a good reason Brandon is not allowed to see pictures of my sister. I tend to flip out when people *cough*Nick*cough* say she's hot, and I still can't get over the idea that she has boyfriends now (I use the term very loosely, meaning "middle school romances"). I don't need two people telling me my 14-year-old sister is hot. Gyarrr! On the other hand, I find it more amusing than annoying.

I'm registering to vote. Of course, I don't align myself with any party or stance, but I still feel like I should vote. Just not for Bush, even though I come from a really Republican family and they love Bush even though he's an idiot. I just want a president that will make sure everyone has a job. The economy is pathetic. Bah, politics suck. The government needs a good, swift kick in the crotch.

Oh yes, and today I'm 20 3/4. Huzzah!

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