February 24th, 2004

Lilo and Stitch!

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Heh. Abnormal can be so amusing. MAOIs are pirate ships! Arrrr!

And I am happy, for I now have Lilo and Stitch on DVD and the Noir soundtrack. I want to go home and watch/listen to them, but I should really do some more laundry (since for some odd reason I like to avoid wearing white or light-colored underwear until everything else is dirty...). Nose is kinda stuffy, but other than that I'm fine. Oh, I know, I'll stall some more by going to McKinley's for a snack, where I will most likely run into at least one friend and end up doing nothing productive for the rest of the afternoon! Yay!

Ah, Tuesdays. So busy, but so fun.
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