March 5th, 2004

Moccasin eating spaghetti

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Ben is hosting a prospective this weekend. His name is Richard Wang. That's just hilarious. Poor guy probably gets teased constantly, but that's life. Heh.

I am such a cat lady. My cats have me under their power. For some reason, Dude loves going into the bathroom with people, and I usually tolerate it. But when I went to have a shower this morning, he kept following me into the bathroom even when I tried distracting him. I felt guilty about picking him up and setting him in the hallway so I could close the door. I felt guilty about this. And I always feel guilty about removing a cat from my lap so I can get up. *shakes head* Wow. I'm crazy.

And now, messages for a couple of you:

D - I got the book today! Yay, thank you! It's delicious, and you're a sexy bitch. *licks*

Jenn - *big hugs*
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