March 8th, 2004

I actually squealed when I saw this

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Why am I in the computer lab? I have class tomorrow! Grrr! And I was going to get work done too, after dinner, but I never get any work done when I let my friends distract me (ah, but I love it). So, I spent several hours in Jordan's room, mostly staring at the TV, because the moving pictures mesmerize me. That was my first time in Jordan's room too. Hey, I still need to see those pictures of everyone except Jordan topless in his bed. Are they online yet?

I feel like I should contact Res Life, since they haven't contacted me. I want to know what the hell is going on with the house, and I'm assuming we got the house next year... and right now I'm confused about who will actually live there since some people have been asking about it and stuff and Thom is working on some weird, confusing housing scheme that's actually a plot to kill Russ. I also find it amusing that Argo is slowly usurping the house (though half the Tuesday group regulars are in Argo, so there you go). Well, Prof. Baros told me that when she went to Allegheny, the writers' house people WERE Argo, and they took her under their wing. Eh, we're all geeks. Our cliques are Siamese twins. Well, MY writing clique anyway. They say that there are no cliques in college because everyone hangs out with everyone else. But they're so wrong. You have the fraternities and sororities who prance about in their letter shirts, screaming obnoxious chants and having pinnings and stuff. And then there's Argo. Greek without the R. And, of course, the writerly cliques. There are two of them, and they occasionally mingle, but they're pretty much separate. You have the Allegheny Review people, the ones who look like normal people, lead relatively normal lives, and mingle with the drunken professors at the post-Single-Voice-Reading parties at the Bakkens' house. Like some of my housemates and their friends. Then there are the Tuesday groupers. We're the ones who like GENRE fiction (especially sci-fi, fantasy, and children's/young adult fiction!), and we sit around eating candy, making Monty Python references (that's mostly Ben, but the rest of us join in too), and talking about sex a lot even though most of us are virgins. We're the ones with amusing t-shirts and scruffy chins. Well... I don't have a scruffy chin since I'm a girl, but if I was a guy, I'd have a magnificent beard by now. On a side note, never ever say "I'm scruffy, but not on my chin" when discussing the lack of shaving habits among your male friends. Anyway, the two cliques intermingle during Golem, but we're different crowds. It seems like this year, the house is mostly the Review people (and some of their friends who don't do ANY writing activities), but next year the house will go to the Tuesday groupers. Yay!

Speaking of this, I think I should impose a new rule on my future housemates based on the lack of writerly participation of some of my housemates this year. If you're going to live in the WRITERS' house, you must show up occasionally at the house activities. Like Tuesday group, which is definitely the most fun. You don't have to show up every week, but once a month or so at minimum is fine. I'm just annoyed that I'm the only one in my house this year who shows up to Tuesday group more than once or twice a semester when last year, everyone in the house went to Tuesday group on a fairly regular basis. Of course, that was when Emily Facci was running it, and she and half the other Tuesday group regulars graduated. Ah well. So, yeah. People should come to meetings. I'm also not going to tolerate people taking the "gullible" sign off the ceiling or taking down the poster of the kissing girls. Of course, I highly doubt that will be a problem next year.

Ok, I'm rambling. I'm going to stop now and go home. I need some sleep, after all. If I could stand the taste of alcohol, I'd probably be drunk right now. I'm a writer, I need to have some crazy addiction problem. Age of Mythology doesn't count.

Oh, and happy birthday, Welsh Tom! Woot!

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