March 14th, 2004

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Since I'm home for the week, does anyone currently in the Pittsburgh area want to get together? If so, comment or IM me (blupyglet). I'm available pretty much all week and have nothing to do. Except maybe catch up on homework, but... nah!
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Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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My dad is getting ready to do some brewing. He decided that his basement brewery will now be called "The Black Pearl Brewing Company." There's even a little pirate flag by the big bottle thingies. Heh.

And my sister is supposed to be grounded this week for going to Julia's house without telling anyone last night, yet nobody told my mom she was grounded, so Katie managed to go to a friend's house tonight.

And I'm catching up on the Strong Bad emails. Yay!

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