March 15th, 2004

Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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This entry is pure randomness. Enjoy.

"We'll see if those trees you're always hugging will save you when Gordon Lightfoot's creepin' round your back stair!"
- Colonel Homestar Runner

*falls over laughing*

I want to sing along with the Forbidden Zone soundtrack!

I had an internship interview today (it's hard to fake a good mood and friendliness when I just want to go home and sleep or read manga), then I went to lunch with my parents. We had Indian food! While I'm not really a fan of Indian food (it's ok, but I don't like most spicy things), the food was pretty good and the tea was excellent.

Wow, my dad has a ton of old sci-fi books down here. He's such a geek. And you know I mean that in a good way.

From this site:
Cyclor - The Cyclor weapon is an extremely efficient weapon of destruction. Three particle acceleration magnets are used to contain a full-fledged nuclear explosion. The nuclear blast is then directed at an enemy target. The Cyclor has double the range and power of a Naval Neutron Beam Cannon. Unfortunately, the energy requirements are beyond the scope of most ground vehicle reactors. The extraordinary cost of the Cyclor also makes it difficult to field many of them. A Cyclor's cost is comparable to that of an entire 21st century Naval fleet with supporting aircraft.

*evil laugh*
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Tim Curry just plain rocks

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I watched Johnny English tonight. Hehehe... very amusing. Rowan Atkinson is just hilarious. Especially singing and dancing around his flat and pelvic thrusting in front of the whole world. That was a good one as far as silly spoofs go, and of course, very predictable. And I did see the Strong Bad email with Homsar as a modestly hot woman. It made me giggle. But the Homestarmy one made me guffaw to the point where I could barely breathe.

I can't seem to get off this damn computer for more than a few hours at a time. It just sucks me in. And my sister keeps IMing me from upstairs. It's kinda weird being home again. Back when I lived here all the time, I'd go to bed before midnight because my parents were pushy about that and they usually went to bed at a reasonable hour. When I went to college, I went to bed before midnight... for about a semester. Now I'm used to staying up until the wee hours, and at 11 pm, I'm energized. So I stay in the basement with the cats until I get bored with IMing people and watching the same internet cartoons constantly. But late-night IMs are fun. We come up with some very interesting material. But I should avoid eBay late at night, otherwise I end up bidding on weird stuff. Like mannequins.

It's lovely not having to go to class and deal with homework for a week, but it's also rather boring. There's a distinct lack of available friends and things to do in Murrysville, and even my Pittsburgh friends have busy schedules. Hey folks, I'm still available this week... anyone want to get together? Please? *pouts* All I have planned for the rest of the week is going to a pizza place with Nick on Wednesday. And that will be fun, but I'd like to also see other people that I don't see just about every day during the school year. Come on, I know at least half a dozen of you non-college friends are in the area this week... someone plan something. I have access to a minivan, I can drive, and even though I despise driving in Pittsburgh, I can get used to it. Pleeeeeease? At least on the weekend? We can go to Yum Wok or something. I just need to not sit around on the computer all day. It's bad for my physical, mental, and social health.

And I think that all colleges should have the same spring break schedule. Then I could hang out with more of my high school friends. Of course, I only keep in touch with about half a dozen of them, and only a few are still in Murrysville... *hangs head* Getting older sucks. It means you leave people behind, and people leave you behind. But even when people get left behind, nobody is forgotten. Oh dear, again with the Lilo and Stitch references. Maybe I should go to bed. Whenever I'm on the computer at night, I'm either hyper or depressed. I'd rather be hyper right now.

Fluffyhappykillerbunnymuffinswithflamethrowers! Weeeeeee! No, I'm not on crack. I'm just bored. I'm going to go hang out with Geekbot for a while. Goodnight.
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