March 16th, 2004

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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I made apple pie today! And it was good, though next time I won't use Granny Smith apples. My mom got them because I guess she wanted a tart pie, but I like my pies sweet and appley. I need to cook more often. I cooked a lot last semester, but I've been all lazy and kinda gloomy this semester so I haven't cooked much. But the weather is improving, so I can walk to Bilo and get food. I need to make crab rangoons again. And I want to try out some of the recipes in this vegetarian cookbook I got.

I've actually been going on Gaia this week too. Mostly because it's boring here and I need to entertain myself. And Talula is so cute. I love playing dress-up.

So tomorrow afternoon I'm going to suck up my fears of driving in the city. I think my parents are more worried about this than I am. But I'll deal. I'm doing it for the pizza and the Nick. Two of my vices things that make me happy (most of the time). I'll be fine. I'm not going to die. Or kill anyone else. Yet. For some odd reason, if I sing to myself while driving, it calms me down a bit. Of course, I only do this when I'm alone, for I rarely sing in the company of others. Though on Saturday, my sister and her friends were listening to "Stacy's Mom" on the way to the mall, and I just started singing along even though I only knew half the chorus. They spent most of the rest of the song laughing hysterically. Yep, I'm the dorky older sister, but I'm still cooler than Mom, so I guess that's good.

Katie and I popped in an old home video from around 14 years ago, when she was a baby and I was 7-ish. At one point, my dad was filming two other kids and me at a ski lodge, and my mom was talking with the other adults in the background. She must have been gossiping or something, and my dad teased her about videotaping it, and she said "Well you're the one with the Playboy magazines, Rob!" Of course when we saw this, Katie and I burst out laughing. Apparently the magazines were a "gift" from my dad's friend or something... yeah right. Ha. Parents are silly. But the best home video was an accidental one. This was around Christmas, and my mom had been taping people sledding. She's not very good with electronics and had failed to turn the camera off completely. So there's a good 10 minute scene of my neighbor's legs and driveway while my mom and neighbor talked about rice or something. Then she accidentally taped my neighbor's chest for several minutes and even my neighbor kind of dancing around. My mom called my neighbor's daughter a "trooper," and of course the little girl (she's 3, I think) is so incredibly sensitive that she burst into tears over it. All on videotape. This was great fun to watch, and my dad decided to teach my mom how to properly use a video camera after that. Heh heh heh...
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