March 18th, 2004

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Ok, ok, I'll do the name thing. I've accumulated so many nicknames over the years, I can barely keep track of them. I'm still surprised that the Argo folks haven't given me some obscure name yet. YET.

If you call me Ade, you could be anybody.
If you call me Adrienne, you either knew me when I was under 11 or are a relative, someone who barely knows me, or Nick.
If you call me Punkin, you're my dad (he calls my sister that too, which kind of kills all cuteness of the nickname).
If you call me Florence, Richard, Bob, Fred, Dee, Tinkertoys, Harrison, Blupyglet (pronounced "bloopy-glet" instead of "blue piglet"), or some other ridiculous name like that, you're my sister.
If you call me Horatio, Mrs. Adrienne P. Conway, Mrs. Adrienne B.W.E. Conway, Jsldbdb Jhzhl (spelling subject to change), or other silly things like that, you're Megan.
If you call me Madame Ade, you're either Laura or one of my friends who was very amused by my email name (like Julie or Nina).
If you call me Spade, you're Spam.
If you call me Ader, you're Carrie (my freshman roommate).
If you call me Ade Ade the Magical Fruit, you're Leanne.
If you call me Boogar, Monkeyhead, Short Shit, Shrimp, Troll, or anything else along those lines, you're a mean bully and deserve to be kicked in the crotch.
If you call me Yin Mu, Mushigamadaddy, Superade, Alexandria, or Alx, you knew me in junior high.
If you call me Long Pants Shirley, Jebodiah Anestesia Marshmallow Guacamole T. Winkle, Dreann, Judge Wopner, or something crazy like that, you knew me in 6th grade.
If you call me Blupyglet (pronounced "blue piglet," not "bloopy-glet"), Agentfroot, Talula, Gummi Bear, Midgetwithsword, or one of my other SNs, you know me online.

That's all I can think of at the moment. There are probably tons more I've almost forgotten.

I have some other things I want to say... but I think I'll make that friends-only. Ha. So there.
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I actually squealed when I saw this

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Two internship interviews tomorrow! Bah! *dies* Oh well. I can handle it. This evening, my mom and I went to my mom's church to talk to this church lady who's going to make me a Renaissance dress. I bought the material for it almost 4 years ago, when I was barely 17. I think the pattern would still fit... I look basically the same as I did when I was 17... only gained 15-20 pounds, maybe gone up a size, but it should still fit. And I have very weird measurements. My horizontal measurements are greater than my vertical measurements. Heh. I'm so unique. Short, pudgy, and dumpy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Anyway, I was way too lazy to make the dress myself, so we're finally paying someone else to do it.

My sister is mean. She IMed a good friend of mine, who I've repeatedly told her not to talk to, and told him this:
i swear ade is sooo tight
if u put a piece of coal up her ass in a week u would have a diamond
pardon my french

I'm not like that! And keep that coal away from that area! That's a "do not enter under ANY circumstances" zone! Katie is a poophead. Ah well.
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