March 20th, 2004

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Ah, it's my last night home for a while. And my last night on Dad's awesome new computer. I'm going to miss it. We had some good times together this week. Other than that, the week mostly sucked.

Today we saw some old friends, ex-neighbors of ours who were in town. The grownups came over, and later we went to their friends' house where they were staying. Jack and Patrick (the kiddos) have really changed. I think Patrick was shorter than me last time I saw him, now he's at least 5'2" or so (he's 12-ish). Jack, the kid who I used to look out for when he was in kindergarten, is 16 now and getting his license soon. I didn't recognize him at first, his hair is longish now. So my sis and I hung out in a room with half a dozen teenage boys for a couple hours. They mostly ignored us, though I didn't mind. I like watching other people play video games. I like playing video games too, but watching is also fun.

I briefly helped my dad bottle beer today (I was doing homework for once - reading Girl, Interrupted - and he interrupted me to ask for help), and I think I pulled a neck muscle trying to work the bottle cap thingy. I'm such a dork. Eh, I hate beer anyway. The Black Pearl Brewing Company doesn't need my help. They already have one geek at the helm.

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