March 28th, 2004

Alice the mannequin and me!

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Jeez. I don't check my email for a day and a half, and suddenly I'm faced with a clogged inbox. Oh boy. And I've been doing a bunch of photography today, since it's nice out and flowers are blooming. I'll post a more in-depth entry (and photos!) later, after I take my laundry out of the dryer, but I want to address some housing concerns since this is an ongoing issue (and a couple of you are involved).

Here's the current list of people who will live in the writers' house next year (and we need one more, so we'll eventually have 8): Ade, Ben, Nick, Derek, Evil Thom, John, and Deltron.

There are 3 doubles and 2 singles. Since I'm the only girl (though with some of the others, it's questionable, hehe), I automatically get a single. That leaves 7 others vying for the other single. It's not my decision who gets it (though several people are willing to bribe me), but since I'm the neutral party, I'm sort of the referee here. This problem will eventually work itself out, but there are several people willing to do interesting things for the single, and only one person will get it. Some don't particularly care if they have to have a roommate, but others are really set on this single.

So here are some potential solutions:
- We have a draw-a-name-out-of-a-hat decision
- We have a "Writers' House Deathmatch" and let the boys fight (while I'm not fond of violence, I still enjoy watching controlled fights, and I'd really get a kick out of watching shirtless nerdy boys brawling)
- We go with seniority and determine who gets the room by who will be comping (so far, I think just Nick, Thom, and me will be comping, but I'm not entirely sure)
- Since Thom will probably only be there one semester, he gets the single in the fall, then another person (preferably a comping senior) moves there in the spring. In that case, two people who want singles will be happy for one semester, since one gets a single and the other gets a double to himself (I've had a double to myself on two different occasions, and it's wonderful).

Personally, I think the last situation would work out the best, since it should appease 3 people. Once we get the last housemate we need (unless we convince Res Life that 7 is enough, in which case 3 people get singles), we should have a meeting where we tour the house (with my current housemates' permission, of course) and determine who will live in which rooms. I have the feeling I'll be living in Jamie's room next year (mostly since the walls are purple, and Katie's walls are blue, and I don't want them to have to repaint the walls at the end of this year). Though I love the room I live in now, it's a double, so I won't be able to stay there next year.

So we'll see.
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Lilo and Stitch!

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Ah, weekends. I definitely ODed on anime. On Friday I saw Love Hina and 2 episodes of Full Metal Panic. I like Love Hina, especially Su and Shinobu. I like the manga better though - it's different, much funnier, and a lot more vulgar! Full Metal Panic is ok, but while I was watching it I thought of something else I'd rather be doing. Yesterday was the Naruto marathon. Almost 12 hours of Naruto. I really like Hinata, she's so cute and I want to hug her! And Gaara is just sexy, even though he lacks eyebrows for some reason (as oppose to Rock Lee, of course...).

We short people will rule the world someday... with our free bumper stickers...

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