March 30th, 2004

Lilo and Stitch!

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I was checking out major/minor requirements today, and apparently I only need 2 more required classes for my major and minor, plus my comp. I still need 131 credits though, which means 32 more credits. I have no idea how many credits the comp will be (though I can ask at the informational meeting thing on Thursday), and I might get some credit if I do an internship this summer, so I won't have to take a full courseload while I'm committing suicide comping. Anyway, I have space in my schedule for other classes! I originally wanted to pull off a second minor in studio art, but apparently that's not going to work. But I still want to take art classes (especially drawing). And figure drawing is offered next semester, so I'm going to email Sue Buck and ask if I can take that class without taking Drawing 1, since I took so many drawing/figure drawing classes at CMU back in high school. *crosses fingers* I miss drawing people. Sitting on a stool in front of an easel for 3 hours up to my elbows in conte crayon dust, staring at an illuminated naked person and trying to duplicate it on newsprint. Ah, that was happiness. Hey, I can take classes at CMU for free in 5 years (my dad recently got a job at the Innovation Transfer Center, and after he works there 5 years, family members can go to CMU for free). But by then, I may live elsewhere, I don't know... the future is still vague and open. We'll see.

I have the feeling I'm not going to accomplish much tonight. I have a short paper due tomorrow, but tonight is... Tuesday group! Which means that I'll be hanging around in my living room, talking to friends and watching Adult Swim until well past midnight. *laughs insanely and falls over*

Hungry. Want food. Don't want to wait an hour for Brooks slop. Me go get snack now... and talk in bad grammar...
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Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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There's something about wearing panda ears that's just oddly uplifting. I had them in my backpack and randomly decided to put them on at dinner, and it suddenly improved my mood. I find that amusing.

So, ninjas vs. pirates. I say pirates would win. Ninjas are fast and skilled, but they're really only good for taking out a few people at a time. Pirates, on the other hand, anchor and proceed to terrorize entire villages. It depends on how you look at it, but pirates are still cooler. Plus, I see myself as more of a pirate than a ninja. I can picture myself swinging from the mast with a pistol in one hand and a sword in my teeth. I'd be wearing a dirty, bloodstained loose shirt, breeches, and a bandana, and I'd be accompanied by a monkey (in a matching outfit), a parrot, and probably a few cats and dogs. I'd probably pick up a new pet every time we harbored too. Hey, I'd be a rough, tough pirate chick, I gotta have a soft spot. Animals would love me, and men would fear me. Yep, I'd be a crazy midget with weaponry. Very fearsome. So anyway, in a battle between ninjas and pirates, the ninjas could try their fancy moves, and the pirates would just shoot them or slit their throats and laugh.

And Megan was wondering who would win in a fight between ninjas and vampires. Ninjas would win there. Definitely. Vampires have way too many weaknesses, and they just bite people. I'm sure I could take on a vampire easily, despite being terrified of them. I'm pretty good with my fists, so I could knock them down, pounce on them, rip a wooden chair leg off, and drive it into their chests. Hey, I could even grab a kitchen knife and wooden spoon and quickly whittle the spoon handle down to a point before stabbing the vampire with it.

Alas, I'd lose in a fight with zombies. For the zombie kittens would mew at me, I'd bend over to pet them, and they'd rip my hands off. In a fight against zombie people, I'd quickly wear myself out punching/kicking/slashing them, and after 20 minutes I'd just... I don't know. Die. But I'd take a lot of zombies down with me, dammit!

Ok, enough of all that. I'm going to watch a speech competition thing in 20 minutes for extra credit in my rhetoric class. Weeeee! So, yay.
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