April 1st, 2004

I love my hand!

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Today I'm wearing a nice, pretty purple shirt and a green skirt.

*everyone gasps*

April Fools!

Well... I am wearing a skirt for April Fools, just to throw people off. I rarely wear girly clothes, and people often ask, "What's the occasion?" when I do. Thom said I look like an eggplant with the purple and green. Of course, he also thought Tori Amos was my sexy, underage sister... hehehe. Well, Tori is definitely sexy, but she's definitely not younger, and I only wish she was my sister. And I think I make a delightful eggplant.

So the abnormal exam went ok (better than previous ones), and I read the 3 book chapters this morning. Yes, I am insane. *falls over* Oh well. And today there's a mandatory meeting for junior English majors! To discuss comping next year! Aieeeeeee! So in a few months, I too shall go insane (more than usual, anyway) and sell my soul to the English department. I thought about writing a novel, but I have neither the patience nor the attention span to do that (thus, I failed at Nanowrimo after a chapter and a half). So I'm thinking of writing a book of various short stories that maybe the professors can help me publish. We'll see. I don't think I need to do the proposal until the fall, but it's something to think about.

Ugh. I really should cut most pizza sauce from my diet. 'Tis very acidic. *rummages through backpack for some Titralac* And I need to clean the ground-up Titralac dust out my backpack too, for now my hands are white and chalky. And now, I vanish. *poof*
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