April 2nd, 2004

Lilo and Stitch!

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Wearing a banana sticker on your forehead is great fun. I used to wear fruit stickers on my forehead all the time in high school (I'm craaaazygonuts!). It makes me feel... fun. And silly.

Yesterday I was at dinner, talking to redhead Jess (I need to give her some silly nickname to distinguish her from all the other Jesses I know), and we were discussing how hyper we were. A few moments of silence passed, then we both started laughing because we were bouncing and jittering while we ate. I said, "We vibrate when we eat... wait a sec, that didn't sound right..." Heh. Everything I say comes out wrong. Sometimes amusingly. And banana innuendo is fun too! Weeee!

It's hard to knit with a kitten on your bed.
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