April 10th, 2004

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I'm up before noon on a Saturday! WHOAH! And Laura is coming! We're going to go crazy at Joann Fabrics and I'm going to buy her stuff because her birthday is the 14th and maybe I can drag her around campus and she can meet some of my crazy friends if they're not hungover in their rooms or busy doing stuff. I haven't seen Laura in ages. Since late December or early January, I think. I hope she doesn't get too lost on the way here... her driving scares me. Come to think of it, I wonder when she's coming. Well, she has a cell phone, she can call.

Last night was fun. I was really hyper and talkative when I went to anime night (this was after talking to Laura, of course). Love Hina never fails to make me giggle. And I'm still amazed at the vast quantity of junk food that Argo people hauled out of McKinley's, courtesy of Amanda's mindboggling amount of munch money. I still have around $150 left, which is a lot, but Amanda had something like $500, which will buy a lot of snacks. Holy cheese. Eh, next year I'm getting a smaller meal plan anyway.

Speaking of food, me hungry! Time to go get me some lunch! On a side note, I wonder what I'm going to do about dinner tomorrow. I doubt the dining halls will have much in the way of Easter dinner, and since I don't celebrate the holiday, I'll probably end up eating ramen at my house or something. Or eating bread and other forbidden-on-Passover foods in front of Deltron because I'm evil like that. Yep. Food. *dashes off*
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Moccasin eating spaghetti

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Laura came by today! And we had an adventure buying fabric (half of it was green fur...). But they didn't have much of a yarn selection at Joann Fabrics... oh well. That's what the internet is for. But it was lovely to see Laura again, I miss my high school friends.

And yesterday I got a package from Ben. Full of plastic eggs (compensation for the Christians swiping Easter from the pagans) containing gummy bears, an origami crane, pills that expand into foam farm animals when soaked, and other stuff. Ben is awesome. And we want to get Derek to eat one of those pills when he's stoned, just to see what happens. I can see it now...

In recent news, a foam cow was extracted from Derek M.'s large intestine. Derek apparently swallowed a pill that expanded into the cow while he was under the influence of marijuana. He blamed Ben B. for the incident but told reporters, "At least I didn't stick candle wax up my urethra!" Ben denied the accusations, saying, "I didn't think he'd be dumb enough to actually swallow it, but I was wrong. Don't blame me!" Ade C., who also witnessed the event, couldn't be reached for comment because she was also in the hospital after literally splitting her sides laughing.

Ah yes. Insanity can be so much fun.
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