April 11th, 2004

I love my hand!

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Ha. Today was supposed to be homework day, since there's stuff due tomorrow. There's the ES group project (1 person in the group mentioned doing stuff, I think the other 2 must not be around...) which shouldn't take more than an hour and a half, and then I have to do the annotated bibliography for a research paper (the paper isn't due for a while, but I need to find books and articles for the bibliography). Perhaps I'll go putz around in the library in a little while.

Since the dining halls aren't offering very much today (since most of the campus is gone), I'm going to make my own dinner for once. I've been too lazy to cook recently, but I think I'll make stuff tonight. If anyone wants to come over for food, they're welcome to. I could use the company. I think I'll make some chicken and dumplings (out of a box!) and maybe nachos or canned veggies or something. I might even make crab rangoons, but only if other people are going to show up. I can't eat all of them by myself, and somebody else needs to be around to laugh at me if I set the fire alarm off again... never put plastic plates on the stove. Bad idea. Very bad idea. So yes, if you're still on campus and want free food, come over around 5 or 6 or whenever.

I guess I should go do work stuff now. Yay.
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