April 14th, 2004

I love my hand!

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Ah, 4 hours of sleep and yet I still feel alive. Sorta. 2 papers due today, and yesterday was rather busy. Gotta love waking up at 5:30 am because you're a hardcore procrastinator. And then skipping ES to finish a paper. I don't know how I'll survive my comp next year, especially since my future housemates and I will never accomplish anything. I can just imagine it...

First semester
Ade: Guess what? My comp proposal is due tomorrow morning, and I only have 3 sentences written!
Ben: Let's watch Monty Python!
Evil Thom: No, let's watch porn!
Ade: Let's watch Monty Python porn!
Everyone except Ade: NO!
Ade: I should just write porn for my comp.
Nick: I know! Let's get Ade drunk!
Evil Thom: Yeah!

Second semester
Ade: Holy crap! It's 1:30 am and my comp is due at 10!
Derek: Let's get stoned!
Ben: I'll break your legs...
Ade: I'm hungry.
Derek: Here, have some brownies.
Ade: FOOD! Wait, what are these green things?
Derek: Uh... parsley.
Ade: Experimenting with cooking techniques, eh? Whoah, the ceiling is dancing! Where did all the elephants come from?
Ben: Oh no. Not again.

Yeah, this is me being counter-productive again. I need a nap. And happy birthday to Laura, even though she probably doesn't read this...
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