April 19th, 2004

I love my hand!

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Ah, what a day. I've been hanging out with friends since lunch time! I spent a good portion of the afternoon with Jen, Anne, and Brian, along with other Argo members/alumni/acquaintances/etc. And now I am alone in the lab, for Ben gave his famous "I should go do work" excuse (even though he never does). Anyway, it was really nice to see people again. As I was waving goodbye after leaving Brooks, I managed to avoid getting all emotional. Then I had this idea that I should just tie people to my wrists, and Ben said I should break their legs so they can never leave me. Then I'll have a group of 20-or-so people in electric wheelchairs following me everywhere I go, even though they'll all hate me for breaking their legs. Of course, it could work the other way around, and I can just picture 20 people in electric wheelchairs dragging me behind them. Such an amusing mental picture.

If I'm ever disgustingly rich, I'm going to buy an enormous castle, and all my friends can live there with me. Nevermind that certain friends don't get along, we'll all live together anyway. We'll all be happy and live in harmony. Or something.

*sigh* I miss people already. Bah. I won't be sad. I'll be happy that I have such wonderful friends. Which makes me wonder. Why is it that certain friends don't get along with certain other friends? I know there are certain personality quirks that drive people nuts, but I'm tired of some of my friends disliking others, whether they're open about it or not. Not that I'm blaming anyone or hoping that we can all get along and dance around in circles. But I get along with almost anyone as long as they're nice and appreciate me for who I am and not so annoying that their very presence makes me sick to my stomach. Because I appreciate my friends for who they are, and I see their faults and habits as random facets of their personality, nothing that I judge them by. Unless they have some huge fault that particularly irritates me. There are only 2 people currently on this campus that I really hate and a few people I moderately dislike, but I'm still nice to them. I just avoid them whenever possible. But there seems to be this web of animosity among my friends, and it just irritates me. I'm not referring to anyone specific here, just most of my friends in general. And then when people say mean things behind other people's backs, I just want to cover my ears and yell "Shut up already! I like So-and-so! I don't care if he's [negative adjective]!" But I don't, because I'm nonconfrontational like that. Unless we're talking about someone I dislike, then I willingly join in the bashing. But that's rare.

Heh. It reminds me of a few weeks ago, when Sally was visiting and came to Tuesday group. Everyone was talking, and Sally was saying that people shouldn't say mean things about each other. Meanwhile, some of us were Nesset-bashing (a favorite pastime among all my friends who have/had him). She didn't know who we were talking about and yelled at us for saying mean things about someone. Then I mentioned we were talking about Nesset, and she automatically joined in the bashing, because it's ok to bash him. Sure, he has his redeeming qualities (he's also admittedly a cat lady, and he likes Rocky Horror), but he's still a closed-minded-regarding-literature pervert that I despise. Bah.

And maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I sometimes wonder how many people I know don't really like me and are just trying to be nice for the sake of it. But what have I done to annoy people? Hmm. Yep, just being paranoid. I'll keep thinking that people still like me.

So I'm still supposed to be happy. Yes. Happy happy happy... Ooh, I have candy in my pocket. Mmm, candy...
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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This has to be the most hilarious thing I've read all day:
Hi, Ade - We think we missed your birthday; was'nt it yesterday?! Was it a gala one? Were you with friends or with you kinfolk, at home? And to think, if we'd been on top of significant family events, we could have been thinking loving thoughts mingled with prayers of thanksgiving for you yesterday! We'll do that today. May you be blest, not only on your birthday, but at each moment of the time alloted to you on this earth. May the peace and life of the Almighty be in our soul, mind , and body. We look foreward to being with and seeing you this summer.
Mary Jane & Knight
(third cousins)

I laughed so hard I almost couldn't breathe. I love my kooky relatives.

My reply:
Well... actually, my birthday is May 18, but thank you anyway. Hopefully my 21st birthday will be as smashing as you hope it is. Well, thanks again, and see you this summer!
- Ade

"Smashing" is such a great word.
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