April 22nd, 2004

I love my hand!

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Random funny quotes:

"Excuse me, do you have a dollar? I'm a little short!"
- the wisecracking leprechaun on "The Family Guy"

"I hate French people... I mean cheese..."
- Ade (It's even funnier out of context! And I feel special, it got a mention in Ben's blog)

Was today "Brooks Gets Lazy Again" day? Sheesh. I hate it when they serve picnic food. Oh yes, and watching TV for 6 hours last night turned my brain to mush, but that mush is swirling around in the blender of confusion and anxiety and random stuff. But overall, I'm in a decent mood, if a little thrown off by recent events (see last friends-only entry).

Today in abnormal, I decided where I want to live when I'm old. I want to live somewhere like that Garden of Eden place with lots of plants and animals and little kids that run around and hug people and give them valentines! I mean, I'll certainly be a wonderful little old cat lady in the haunted mansion down the street, but if I ever break a hip or something, I'll probably end up in a nursing home. But it should be a nice home, where they let me have cats! And jumps at the bottom of wheelchair ramps! Also, I love old ladies. They're just awesome. I'm going to make such a great old lady someday. If heart disease/cancer/lightning/the doppelganger who killed my stable boy/my own horrible driving doesn't kill me first. And I'm glad Alzheimers doesn't run in my family. I'll go senile the old-fashioned way!

Right. I'm going to go home and try out that new yarn I got in the mail today.
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